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Designing Women S2 E3 - Lucy & Ethel Host a Dinner Party

Hooray for an Anthony Bouvier episode! This time, he finds himself a lady friend and cooks up a scheme to have her and her parents over for dinner, while making them think he’s wealthy and successful, as one does. Unfortunately, his lady friend’s daddy isn’t super into the whole thing and he cooks up a little scheme of his own to get rid of Anthony. (Hint: This scheme is adorable and cries a lot. And wins over Anthony’s ever-lovin’ heart.) Oh, did we mention we finally got his origin story?

And hang tight for "Extra Sugar" where we dig into a teeny reference to Tuxedo Road here in Atlanta.

Here are a few links you can explore if you’re hoping spend beaucoup moola on a mansion in this frou-frou neck of the woods and want to learn more about it (or if you just wanna know what Marvel movies were filmed in the ATL):

Come on, let’s get into it!

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