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Designing Women S5 E25 - Finale Finale

Updated: May 20

Another season of “Designing Women” has come and gone. In this fifth season, “Sweet Tea & TV” explored every topic from cool stuff you have to see and do if you visit NOLA like the Sugarbaker’s team did, to a deep-dive on “To Kill a Mockingbird”, to “potty parity” (spoiler alert: it’s a thing!) But, believe it or not, there were some stones unturned. So, we’re using our traditional “finale-finale” to wrap up those loose ends, and do a little ST&TV season 5 reflection. 

We’re also delivering a Patreon-exclusive “Extra Sugar”, where we’re giving the episodes of “Designing Women” season 5 the ole “March Madness” treatment, in a segment we’re calling: Designing Women Season 5 Episode Showdown. (Consider joining us over at our Patreon page to hear us duke it out over our favorite episodes from season 5!)

Here are a few of our sources, including the bits and bobbles we used to address our “unfinished business” - 

  • HowStuffWorks gives us a definitive answer on whether turkeys are so dumb, they drown themselves in the rain.

  • The Daily Mail answers our burning question about whether your hands really do look smoother if you hold them up in the air.

Come on y’all, let’s get into it! 



>> Speaker A: Oh. Oh, I've got one. This just makes me furious. You know, when men use women's liberation as an excuse not to kill bugs for you. Oh, I just hate that. I don't care what anybody says. I think the man should have to kill the bug.

>> Salina: Hey, Nikki.

>> Nikki: Hey, Salina.

>> Salina: And hello, everyone, and welcome to the finale. Finale of Sweet Tea and tv, season five. Hold on. We'll see. I like to leave it loosey goosey. This is a who knows live mystery. Will we return? I don't know.

>> Nikki: We'll return some way, shape, or form.

>> Salina: Somewhere on planet Earth.

>> Nikki: We will be back. We at least have our special episode.

>> Salina: I hope it's somewhere tropical.

>> Nikki: Oh, that was.

>> Salina: Oh, sorry. I was already reanimating somewhere. yes, we do still have a special episode, so. That's true.

>> Nikki: Truesies.

Suzanne says clips will be interspersed throughout the finale

can I start with a quick editorial note?

>> Salina: Oh, my gosh. Yes. And I knew nothing about it. Go on.

>> Nikki: I told Salina off air. I just wanted to say something editorial before we started.

>> Salina: Guys, I don't know what it is.

>> Nikki: It's so not exciting. I need you to temper your expectations. But I don't know if people realize that for the finale. Finale, what I've been doing, we do it in sort of segments. So we do, like, an intro, and then we'll do, like, our favorite clips from the season. I've been interspersing those segments with outtakes from us from the season in our previous finale. Finales.

>> Salina: I do realize it.

>> Nikki: You do realize. Thank you. That makes me feel good. This year, we're gonna do something different to do some Suzanne says clips instead. So some of our favorite, like, one liners or quick remarks that she's made throughout the season. So you actually suggested all of the ones that I'm going to use. I think there are, like, six of them, but they'll all be a surprise to you because I'm not going to tell you what they are right now.

>> Salina: Oh.

>> Nikki: But I've pulled all the clips, and so I'll be interspersing them throughout our segments. I just wanted to say that before we start. So it's not random.

>> Salina: Well, it's not. Not exciting.

>> Nikki: it's a thing.

>> Salina: Okay.

>> Nikki: It's all relative. Is that what you say?

>> Salina: Something irrelevant, but it should be relative.

>> Nikki: Whatever.

Stacey went on a cruise to the Bahamas with her kids last week

>> Salina: what you been up to? Was that natural? We actually haven't seen each other in a long time.

>> Nikki: It's. Has it been a month?

>> Salina: Yes.

>> Nikki: Okay.

>> Salina: Longer month and a half, I think.

>> Nikki: Really?

>> Salina: Yeah. Well, we're edging up on a month, and a half.

>> Nikki: That's crazy.

>> Salina: I'm telling you about it.

>> Nikki: I haven't been up to a thing.

>> Salina: Liar. You're the only one that's been up to anything. Let us live vicariously through you. Unless you tell us that you had two sick kids while you're there and, you know, everything fell apart. Don't tell us that. Say that.

>> Nikki: No, no sick kids. I got sick when we got back.

>> Salina: that means it's a good trip.

>> Nikki: That's true. And I was expecting to be sick. It was coming. Cause there's just too much fun, and there's always a price to be paid for fun. our kids had spring break.

>> Salina: Don't buy into that.

>> Nikki: Our kids had spring break last week with the rest of metro Atlanta. So we went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I was hoping with all my fingers and toes crossed that I would get to say I went to Bimini, because that's where Suzanne always goes. But our excursion to bimini got cancelled because of bad weather. We were supposed to snorkel with reef sharks, and it got cancelled. So we just had an extra day at sea. which sounds so like, oh, just an extra day at sea. But it was a crowded cruise ship on, like, an entry level cruise line during spring break. So that day at sea was challenging. It was a day adrift in the ocean. but, yeah, so we didn't get to do that. We did get to go to Nassau, and we did Atlantis, which is, like, the big water park down there, which was really fun. We had a great time. Very crowded also, which we knew going into it. But the kids really had a good time. And we did, like, the lazy river, which is actually a rapid river.

>> Salina: I have heard that that thing is very scary, actually. Now, I think my friends had some cocktails and went down it, but they were, like, on a, orthodontic work trip.

>> Nikki: As windows.

>> Salina: Yes, yes. Cocktails, orthodontic work trip. Check, check. lazy river. Not so lazy. Check, check. I think I've heard this story many times, and there's like, they were like, I don't know. We made it out alive.

>> Nikki: Do you know how long ago that was? I know that's a random question. Like, would it have been last year? Okay, so we went maybe, like, eight years ago or ten years ago. And I remember this rapid river being obscene.

>> Salina: Yeah.

>> Nikki: Like. Like you're describing this time. I didn't think it was that bad, but I also. There was a part I didn't really remember, so I don't know what my memory is in general, like, it's fine for our six year old and seven year old. Yeah.

>> Salina: I think also their equilibrium doesn't get disrupted as easily. You know?

>> Nikki: That's true.

>> Salina: He's just more sensitive with age. Yeah. it's. It's like, maybe also, don't trust a costa rican water. slide. You know, if they say, yes, go on this one. It is very fast. You say, no, thank you. I will take the child slide. And that's just a little tip between me, you, and Casey, who emerged with a bloody face.

>> Nikki: That's why the lady at the thai restaurant, if you say you want it thai hot, she's always like, are you sure? Yeah, you want it thai hot, you're like, oh, maybe I don't. She's like, maybe we'll step it down.

>> Salina: Try hot.

>> Nikki: Exactly. It's all context. It's all relative. Isn't that what she said?

>> Salina: Yes, something like that. And I like spice, and I will tell you, that's too much. You really gotta watch it. I've also done that with some indian cuisine. And they got very excited, and I was like, I love spicy food. And then we got water.

>> Nikki: Stomach was messed up for days.

I ate very slowly, let's put it that way

>> Salina: I just wasn't. Like, I had to really. Like, I ate very slowly, let's put it that way.

>> Nikki: Sure.

>> Salina: As you do, like, mopping off my forehead as I eat. I'll be fine. I'll be fine. My face is, like, bright red, like, just a white circle around my mouth. It's fine, it's fine. It was good.

>> Nikki: Everything's fine.

Carolina got picked by a wand for Harry Potter world before cruise

But, yeah, so we did the cruise. We also did universal studios the day before the cruise because we were down in that, like, neck of the world.

>> Salina: Was that a surprise? Last, minute thing? No.

>> Nikki: Oh, we booked that. I mean, we booked it, like, maybe two months ago. We knew we were gonna be down there, so we added an extra day. I don't know.

>> Salina: I don't think I knew this.

>> Nikki: I don't know.

>> Salina: My brain really. Is that, broken? Either way, congratulations. You pottered it, or we did.

>> Nikki: Yeah, the kids. We got to do a Harry Potter world with them. Oh. So, Carolina, we did the Ollivanders wand shop, and she was picked by Ollivander to be picked by a wand. So she got pulled up in front of the group, and she stood there while the wands were, you know, like, he would hand her a wand, and then she did a magical spell, and. And the first three didn't work, and the last one worked. And so then you get to go buy it.

>> Salina: Oh, my gosh. She must have been.

>> Nikki: Loved it.

>> Salina: So excited.

>> Nikki: She loved it. Landon thought his turn would be next, but they only pick one person per. And I told Kyle walking in, I was like, they're going to totally pick Landon. Like, he's the perfect age. Like, he's whatever. after he picked Carolina, I realized she's the prime target audience because you know you're going to get a response. Cause she's almost eight. Like, you know you're going to get a response. You know it's going to be genuine because she's really into all of this.

>> Salina: Not exactly.

>> Nikki: Exactly. so, yeah, anyway, she got picked for that, which was really cool. Then we left on the cruise on Monday. Then because our excursion on Thursday got cancelled, I told Kyle, like, what if we just went to Magic Kingdom on Friday? Yeah. Like, what if we just stopped m by Orlando on the way home? So that's what we did.

>> Salina: Oh, that's amazing.

>> Nikki: At breakfast Friday morning, before we left the cruise ship, we just bought tickets to magic Kingdom and just went. Spent the day at Magic Kingdom.

>> Salina: Really nice. Wow.

>> Nikki: I couldn't be that close.

>> Salina: You can't see Nikki's eyes, but they're very bright. And,

>> Nikki: I'm just such a kid about it.

>> Salina: Me too.

>> Nikki: I just love it. It's a different world.

>> Salina: I mean, I haven't been in 13 years, but I do. I do love you're due.

>> Nikki: It's time.

>> Salina: I keep telling, Casey, you just.

>> Nikki: Go for a day.

>> Salina: Just go by myself.

>> Nikki: I keep telling. I told Kyle, like, I had us the most expensive ticket.

>> Salina: Not just a Disney adult, but just like a single Disney adult down there.

>> Nikki: I'd go with you.

>> Salina: At least I'm short.

>> Nikki: I'd go with you, Salina. And I am not short.

>> Salina: Maybe I would blend well. Then I wouldn't be alone. But, yeah.

Ever done the hall of presidents? I was very young, but yes

can I ask you, have you.

>> Nikki: Ever done the hall of presidents?

>> Salina: I was very young, but yes.

>> Nikki: Holy crap. We did that this time. Just more just to get out of the crowd and get in the air conditioned. It was incredibly powerful and moving.

>> Salina: I was like, eleven.

>> Nikki: There's a part where Lincoln stands up and he's giving an address.

>> Salina: Yeah, it's the animatronics.

>> Nikki: Right? You could have convinced me he was real.

>> Salina: I wouldn't want to be in there at night. I think I would escape.

>> Nikki: Oh, that would be creepy.

>> Salina: Yeah.

>> Nikki: some of the animatronic ones are better than others. And some of the presidents looked very scary. I think they were all redone. Relatively recently, Kyle was looking it up, but some of them have, like, enhanced animatronics, like Lincoln, because he's the kind of focal point of it. Anyway, my point was, it was a very unexpected surprise. We really liked it.

>> Salina: Yeah, it's nice.

>> Nikki: But we drove home through the middle of the night, and I was very tired when we got home.

>> Salina: So tired that you're sick?

>> Nikki: So tired that I'm sick, yes.

>> Salina: Yeah. But worth it. I'm so worth it. That was a good trip. I'm so good. There was a part of me in the back of my head that was like, please, please, please.

>> Nikki: Aw.

>> Salina: Don't let her get home. And it be like, these three very bad things.

>> Nikki: You know what I'm saying?

>> Salina: It's tough going with kids, though. I mean, she says with action, no knowledge. But because, like, there's more opportunities to get sick. Yeah, there's more opportunities to have, like, a boo boo. Let's call it a boo boo. just these things that make it a little bit more challenging to navigate, you know, so.

>> Nikki: Well, our neighbors were on the cruise with us, and the first night, their son was throwing up.

>> Salina: This is what I'm saying.

>> Nikki: another family that we know had to cancel their cruise when they got down to the port, because their daughter was throwing up. so, yeah, it could have been a million things. Our kids were total champs. They did great. and we had, like, minor sunburn, but other than that, like, honestly, to have been in the Caribbean for four days and not have, like, major sunburn on my fair skin and my daughter's fair skin or Kyle's, like, I think. I think we did good.

>> Salina: So, just. Landon is tan.

>> Nikki: Just tan Landon. Tan Landon. He's so tan. But, yeah. So, we, had a good trip.

You baked your first homemade cake for Easter. Tell me about it

>> Salina: Okay.

>> Nikki: What have you been up to?

>> Salina: Well, I, Not much. I mean, like, you know, Easter happened. I baked my first cake. Oh, sorry. You weren't here on a cruise. Yeah, well, you weren't on a cruise yet, but it was. It was for, Casey's family for Easter, so I did a strawberry. I actually did it in our segment. I talked about it. lesser known southern desserts, strawberry, and cream sheet cake.

>> Nikki: Oh.

>> Salina: So I made that. And I made a homemade strawberry frosting. I've never attempted either one of those before.

>> Nikki: Piling it on. Tell me all the things I didn't get.

>> Salina: You have a birthday every year. Anything could happen.

>> Nikki: Regrettably, yes, I do.

>> Salina: Anything. Tell me about it. Mine is much closer. so anything could happen. Plus, like, did you really want to be the test audience on my first homemade cake? I didn't know how that was.

>> Nikki: It's a risk I'm willing to take.

>> Salina: It's very kind of strawberry cake.

>> Nikki: So how did it turn out?

>> Salina: Really good. And the frosting is like. It was, like, the best frosting I've ever had. I was like, how much? I actually had some store bought on standby.

>> Nikki: Oh.

>> Salina: Cause I was like, I don't know what's happening here. I never done this. and so, like, it was basically like a cream cheese frosting meets whipped cream.

>> Nikki: You lost me. You know, I was there with you till the cream cheese.

>> Salina: Okay, me too. Except it's different when it's homemade. I don't know why. Because I'm not really big into cream cheese icing either. Not really. It's not my favorite. In fact, in general, icing and frosting is not really my favorite thing. It's usually too sweet for me.

>> Nikki: Right.

>> Salina: There was something about this that, like, I was, you know, taste as you go.

>> Nikki: Sure. You can't get all the way to that end and have it be terrible.

>> Salina: Yeah. So I was tasting both parts, and I was like, oh. Oh, gosh. I don't even know. I want to add the whipped cream to it. But then you added the whipped cream piece to it, and I was like, what is happening? It's so good.

>> Nikki: so, yeah, well, I didn't. I did realize, but I didn't process that. Easter was the day we were going to be at Universal studios, and Easter is one of my, like, top three holidays. I just love Easter, so I was really sad we missed Easter this year. Fortunately, the Easter money stopped at our house while we were gone.

>> Salina: Oh, that is nice.

>> Nikki: but we had Easter. Like, we made an Easter dinner at our house this last weekend, so the week after Easter. Yeah. And I made a poke cake, which you didn't get any of. Cause it felt weird to be sick and bring someone something from your house.

>> Salina: So I don't care.

>> Nikki: Oh, that I'm sick.

>> Salina: I wouldn't want you to leave your house while sick.

>> Nikki: Oh, no, I was gonna bring it today, actually. I did funfetti cake with, cheesecake, vanilla cheesecake, pudding on top, and then you poke it in, and then, like, a whipped cream icing. It was very good.

>> Salina: That's wonderful. You wouldn't even know.

Maxine: I finally got access to season five on HBO last weekend

Oh, I do have one more thing that I wanted to tell you, because it really. This relates back to the podcast. I need you to help me maybe to make sure I have this right. But I want to say earlier in season five, maybe it was the jury duty episode, you did something on, like, southern court cases.

>> Salina: okay. And you did one on, the Memphis three.

>> Nikki: Right.

>> Salina: And ever since then, I've won. I've been very interested in looking more into that or like watching paradise lost. So there's unfortunately, that line between I am very interested in this and I take action.

>> Nikki: Oh, sure.

>> Salina: And sometimes one drops off from the other. but I finally happened to stumble by the fact that I did have access to it on HBO. Excuse me, just Max.

>> Nikki: Max.

>> Salina: And, And it's three parts. I didn't. You might have talked about this, but I don't know, it was like several months ago, so there was.

>> Nikki: I'll take your word for it.

>> Salina: It's three parts. The first one aired in 96, then one in like 99, and then one, like ten years.

>> Nikki: Do you think we talked about this? Yeah.

>> Salina: And so that did not stick around in the old brain. But I'm, maybe ten minutes from finishing up the last one. And it is like 6 hours of just. It's just painful. I mean, it's good. And it's worth watching, especially talking about the justice system and satanic panic and all those things that are really interesting, too, because they're happening not long after designing women goes away. So, like, they're like contemporaries in a lot of ways.

>> Salina: And then it being in Arkansas and just all these things that. I mean, it's definitely a thinker. But you are like, my God, life is sad. So, like, steel yourself for that if you go to watch it. I would all. But my suggestion for anybody who does want to watch it is like, figure out how much pain you can take. I'd start with the most recent one that recaps the first two, and then if you feel like you need to see the entire trial, the full thing, then you can go back and watch those, so that you can, like. I think I would have preferred to have done it that way. so learn from my mistakes.

>> Nikki: Don't be like.

>> Salina: It was just, it's just, it's. I've been watching it for like a week straight in the mornings while I worked out.

>> Nikki: Oh, starting your day with that, that's a choice.

>> Salina: Yeah. Well, last week. Yeah. Yeah. Last Saturday, I finally got access to zone of interest, which is. It's about the family who kept the house next to Auschwitz.

>> Nikki: Oh, geez Louise.

>> Salina: It was an Oscar contender and everything.

>> Nikki: whoa.

>> Salina: That was a rough way to start the morning.

>> Nikki: Good lord.

>> Salina: Yeah. Sitcoms like designing women. And here we are. for anybody that has anything to say about us having a long intro this time, I just want to say that you can please refer back to all of season five, where I have kept it nice and tight.

>> Nikki: Minimal.

>> Salina: Very minimal intros. But this is the finale. Finale. We can do what we want.

>> Nikki: I want cold medicine, so I'm just doing whatever I want.

>> Salina: I'm on cold medicine, too.

>> Nikki: Oh, are you?

>> Salina: No, but it sounds good.

>> Speaker A: Consuelo's being deported. That's right. Her work permit expired. Can you believe it? Four years of my life, I have given up nurturing and, building a relationship with my maid, and now they want to take it all away from me. Do you have any idea how hard it is to set up a household and find someone who will cater to all your likes and dislikes? I know she's into voodoo and she's temperamental, but, you know, we understand each other. In order to make me a peach pie in the middle of the night, she does it, and she gets upset and throws a knife. I overlook it, you know?

So, do you want to talk about our scores from this season

>> Nikki: So, do you want to talk about our scores from this season?

>> Salina: I do. Because every year, you tell me I have to.

>> Nikki: Oh, sorry, Salina.

>> Salina: Nikki's like, you know what would be fun is if we go and do math.

>> Nikki: But it's so easy. I started this season apparently with really strong intentions, and I kept do it.

>> Salina: With an excel spreadsheet.

>> Nikki: I kept track of my scores for the first, like, five episodes. Then I fell off at some point, so I had to go back and redo all this anyway. But what I like to do is I like to get a gauge of, one just for funsies, what our favorite rating scales were. Cause that's something kind of fun. We do. But I like to see what we thought our scores would be and then crosswalk that with what they actually are. Cause I think that's a nice way of looking at our perception of the season.

Salina, what were your top three TV rating scales

So, I wanted to ask, Salina, what were your top three rating scales?

>> Salina: Okay, so, mine were episode nine, which I gave 4.7387 out of five motorboats. But for research, which is why the number is so precise. Sure. That's for sure.

>> Nikki: Sure.

>> Salina: episode 19. I don't know if you're asking. You're not really asking for the ratings, but that one, you really needed it.

>> Nikki: That makes sense. We needed the context.

>> Salina: Okay.

>> Nikki: But I started to panic because I didn't write my ratings down.

>> Salina: So episode 19 is still a little drunk podium naps. And then episode 20 was, 4.3 out of five lowlife, pervert purse snatchers. I just needed the number. And they're really kind of, like, brain old, even out the wording. Sure. Yeah. How about you?

>> Nikki: We had episode 19 in common, so mine was high spirited stewardesses on a layover to the big easy. I really liked that one. I really liked episode four, which I think was, incidentally, the jury duty. One relentless, inconvenient jury duty summons because.

>> Salina: They'Re always gave it away.

>> Nikki: There were two.

>> Salina: Hold on. Let me check. Two.

>> Nikki: Court adjacent. That's true.

>> Salina: That's true.

>> Nikki: There were when Mary Jo meets her mugger, and then the one where Julia is in jury duty. So that tripped me up while I was preparing for this episode.

>> Salina: That tripped me up when I was thinking about paradise lost.

>> Nikki: So there you go. Do you see, Salina? There's always a method to the madness.

>> Salina: There is.

>> Nikki: and then my third favorite one was little butt kicks from episode 24. I just. Everything about Suzanne in that episode made me happy, so I liked that I had a rating scale that was a tribute to her.

If you had to look back on this season without knowing your scores

So, if you had to look back on this season without the benefits of knowing your scores, what would you think your score, like, your average score from the season would have been?

>> Salina: I guessed a 4.2. you know, because the season was, like, mainly a high for me, so I just assumed it would be pretty good on the whole m score wise. And I, like, just real quickly thinking through, I knew I had maybe the most amount of fives I've had since we've done this.

>> Nikki: Yeah. You know, I probably should have processed that, too, because I do remember on several occasions saying, and I've got another five. I actually thought mine would have been about a three five or maybe even a 3.25. I don't recollect that many amazing episodes this season. I didn't remember being.

>> Salina: Recollect what you ate for lunch.

>> Nikki: I don't recollect what's in my water bottle right now, but that's the interesting thing.

>> Salina: And that means something fun, is it?

>> Nikki: Exactly. but that's the interesting thing. So, my score actually was a 3.85, so I really wasn't that far off. What about you?

>> Salina: I had a 4.09.

>> Nikki: So you were very close.

>> Salina: Yeah. And I think that typical midseason slump really dragged it down. Otherwise, I think it would have been higher.

>> Nikki: Yeah.

On a scale of one to five, what would you score the season now

Well, you know, I wonder if maybe I was a little unfair in my rating scale, because, the other question I wanted to ask is, like, on a ski, on our scale of one to five, what would you score the season now? Just across the board, you know, not living in the moment and scoring each.

>> Salina: Episode well, I'm feeling generous. Or I was when I was thinking about this weeks ago. Doesn't matter. And I wanted to give it the old episode nine treatment, that is, I want precision again. Sure. I'm gonna give it a 4.7387.

>> Nikki: Oh, wow.

>> Salina: I think it may be, for me, the strongest season yet. When I take a, like, when I take the long view of the show, it's like the first seasons were a warm up. They found their stride by three, gained some momentum in four, and then, bam. In season five, I think they really just. They were landing in a good place for me.

>> Nikki: Yeah, I. So a couple weeks ago, when I did this, I was not being generous, but this last couple of days, I've been going back through show notes, to prepare for what we're going to do in our Patreon exclusive extra sugar this week, which is to do sort of a bracket tournament of this season's episodes. There were a number of episodes I just flat out forgotten about because we've been recording since like September, really. Anything that happened before episode 16, I'd almost completely forgotten about. And so going back in and re looking at my notes for those episodes, looking at what I remembered from it, I've been skimming through some episodes on Hulu, trying to pull these clips of Suzanne says. And I realized, oh, there's a lot more funny stuff this season. So I think I've probably ultimately fallen. The camp you're in, where I'm in like a, four to a 4.5 for the season. It was really good. And a lot of the episodes were rewatchables for me. And in earlier seasons, I can't quite say the same.

>> Salina: Yeah, I mean, I think that's. With the exception of a few, like, outstanding episodes early on, I think we talked about this in the season finale. M is just this idea that when people are thinking of Suzanne and when people are thinking of the show, it does seem like they tend to concentrate more towards three, definitely towards five. M. That is the things that I see anecdotally coming up the most over and over again.

If we're going to critique designing women, then we also have to critique ourselves


>> Speaker A: Suzanne, where did you get that pig? What pig? Oh, you mean this pig? Well, you see, constantly. Well, his entire family has just arrived from San Salvador for the holiday. And, this is their gift to me. You know, they're very big in meat packing. Well, anyway, I tried to board her with a private kennel. They won't take her, and neither will the animal shelter or the dog pound, and I'm sure not about to have her slaughtered. By the way, do y'all have any idea how difficult it is to find a 26 inch rhinestone collar?

>> Salina: Okay, if we're going to critique designing women, then I guess we also have to critique ourselves.

>> Nikki: It wouldn't be a day ending in day if we didn't.

>> Salina: This is incredibly true. So I'm like, oh, grade myself, you say, oh, did I do something wrong?

>> Nikki: Do we get to start with the negatives, though?

>> Salina: Well, can we start on a high?

>> Nikki: I guess. I guess.

Let's talk about the segments that we really loved putting together and sharing this season

>> Salina: Let's talk about the segments that we really loved putting together and sharing this season. What's on your high highs, Nikki?

>> Nikki: So one of the segments I really loved putting together was the extra sugar, the ghosts of Atlanta. It was like a spooky tour of the city's most haunted places. So this was intended to accompany episode one, but actually aired a couple weeks later. I think what we realized somewhere in the, along the way is that we were coming in close to Halloween. We also had this opportunity to talk about spooky places. I don't remember all the ins and outs, but for some reason, it felt like a good fit. But what I really liked about it was I can very clearly remember recording it when it was 100 degrees outside the middle of the day, and I was, like, burrowed in my son's room with the curtains closed, trying to get in the spooky mode for Halloween. And, like, if that's not Halloween in the south, I don't know what it is. What is.

>> Salina: So amen to that.

You have two kids, one house to take care of

well, actually, can I hit you with some stats first? Maybe I just want to. I've written these down and then unceremoniously forgot because, But just as we're critiquing ourselves, I want to just say out loud for our own remembrance and for folks who are listening to know just how much we're juggling at once, including the lady who said on social media, we have too much time on our hands. fart noise to you. for you, though, two kids, one very, How do I put this? Stressful job. One husband, one house to take care of. I have a closet of clothes. I don't really know how much more, but I do have a stressful job. in all of that time, along with those things, over the course of this season together, we did twelve sidebars 24 extra sugars, two episodes about season six of the Crown, two movie reviews to kill a mockingbird, and another forthcoming four nibbles, one manners moment, and one bonus episode about the spookiest places in Atlanta.

>> Nikki: Holy crap.

>> Salina: That is on top of the regular 24 episodes that we did to cover the 24 episodes of designing women. So I just want to start there kind of after you've given your first. So kind of start there. Kinda start, kinda. Just roll with us through these punches, will you, people?

Episode nine of sweet tnt after dark focused on the height report

but so for me, the one that stood out was episode nine of sweet tnt after dark, the height report. This one was nearly two years in the making, so it was nice to bring that to fruition. But also, it's quite a bit of reading and research on my part to dive into the height report itself, why it was so important, what it and the treatment of its author said about women both then and still today. So it was one of the more this season was a little frivolous, to be honest, so. Which I liked also, too. That was nice to keep it lighter. That said, this was one of those times where I was actually able to dig into something that I felt like was like, important on a societal level versus like 21 funny stories you haven't read today.

>> Nikki: Maybe that's why my Mulligan's list is so long.

Episode 20 opened me up to a new world of movie watching

>> Salina: What else do you have on your favorites list?

>> Nikki: episode 20. You just mentioned that we watched to kill a mockingbird this season. Our episode 20, extra sugar, about to kill a mockingbird was like life changing to me. For some reason, I cannot fully, I could never articulate why, except to say maybe I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't hate it. And I just really hate old movies, or at least I think I do. So it's possible. It's like, opened me up to a new world of movie watching, first of all. But two, we've talked about this movie over and over again in this show of designing women, and so it's really cool to finally understand the reference. I hate when I don't get a reference. And I was glad. I mean, I've read the book, but I'd just never seen the movie. It finally all was coming together for me. but I just really liked watching it. I watched it, one full time through, and then I had to cherry pick a couple of seasons scenes to go back and watch. But I liked even like the rewatching things. So I really liked putting that scene, that whole segment together and getting to watch that movie.

>> Salina: Yeah, it was, it was a lot of fun and. But like also sad because it's like a sad story. It was, it was just. I will tell you that they're not all, not all movies from that era.

>> Nikki: Yeah.

>> Salina: Are quite. And then, or quite at that level because I think that is something that's held up as like a pillar of movies. But also I do think a lot of people get caught up in the black and white thing and that will turn them off to movies and they're missing a lot of good stuff. So that's just my opinion.

How many favorite segments do you have? How many honorable mentions

My next favorite segment was from episode eleven, extra Sugar, behind the scenes drama for your mama. This is another segment several years in the making. We also knew we cover what was going on with Delta Burke in depth. And so it was interesting to actually sit down and watch the Barbara Walters interview, which was like definitely a watershed moment in this entire situation. to look over the Grantland timeline that we went through piece by piece and really put together, that with our Suzanne watch in the back half of the season, which was Nikki's favorite segment of the season. real high point for me. My goal was to do that with respect to both the Thomason's and Burke because only they really know what happened and even their experiences through their lens. So it was a hard story to tell. And what was your other favorite segment?

>> Nikki: How many do you have?

>> Salina: I have one more and two honorable mentions because. Okay, good. Which one? Some people might call five.

>> Nikki: I know, that's why I have five too.

>> Salina: But I called it honorable mentions. So it's fine.

>> Nikki: I'll do that too. I would say another one of mine also was the actual extra sugar for episode one, which is where, I'm sorry, not extra sugar. It was a sidebar on historic homes and we talked a lot about Villa Marie, which is the designing women house. So we've looked at this house on the show a lot. We had a listener, listener, colleen I think a couple years ago, send us some pictures from when she visited the house. But we never actually like really looked into it and it had kind of a wacky story. So it was cool to be able to dig into that, and also look at some other historic homes, in Atlanta. So I liked that.

>> Salina: Yeah, it was a, ah, was a very fascinating story. And I've seen more things circulate. I don't know if it's I'm not gonna be able to remember this right now, but the thing like where you start talking about red mustangs.

>> Nikki: And then you see everywhere.

>> Salina: So I'm not sure if it's because of that factor, but, like, we had a couple of listeners share. you're not on Facebook, so I wasn't able to share it with you. I'm sorry. But there is like a, I guess kind of like a renovations group that wound up doing a segment on the house.

>> Nikki: Oh, okay.

>> Salina: And took people through it. And it is crazy because it looks nothing like the set.

>> Nikki: Yeah.

>> Salina: So, I mean, there's not even. They didn't even try and hint at what the front of that house might have looked like or anything, so. But it was. It was. It was nice to see. And, I don't know. I don't. Yeah, let's just say the front and the inside of that house, they just don't really. Yeah. But it's also because this. I have such. This very specific look inside my head because of the show.

>> Nikki: Because of the show. Five seasons of it, in fact.

My true number three, and not an honorable mention that I made up

>> Salina: My true number three, and not an honorable mention that I made up that category for, is the world of drag that I did back in episode 19, extra sugar. this is another one where, I guess, on a personal level, I tend to enjoy the more serious ones. But I really enjoyed looking into the history of drag and learning more about the genesis and evolution of ball culture. I'm truly grateful that I finally saw Paris is burning, the documentary from the early nineties. And I wanted to connect the dots to today, because anytime a group of people is hell bent on taking away another group's rights, we should probably be paying attention. And so that segment gave me the opportunity to do that as well.

>> Nikki: Yeah, I like that. That segment I have sat with and, like, continued to sort of, like, roll over in my head a few times. Just some of the things we talked about. But one of the things that I just think is so sad about that segment, like, I think in that segment, you talked about how, they were trying to, like, make it illegal to read in a library to kids in drag, which I just think is, one, it's just so unfortunate because it's depriving children of reading one, and storytelling, but two, like, depriving them of seeing different parts of the world and different. I just thought that was really sad. And I've sat with that for a while.

>> Salina: Right. Or how we delineate the difference between a Disney princess.

>> Nikki: Exactly.

>> Salina: And someone else dressed up in a princess gown, potentially. You know what I'm saying? So, like, it's just, obviously you don't really? I don't think there's a starker picture of stigma.

>> Nikki: Yeah.

>> Salina: Than that.

>> Nikki: Yeah, I've sat with that one a lot.

Your true podcast milieu is true crime. That's where I live

my m first honorable mention that I'll say was episode four. You mentioned this, where I talked about the Memphis three and the Leo Frank trial. my true podcast milieu is true crime. That's where I live. That's where I breathe when it comes to podcasts. So it's kind of fun to get to, explore that and fun in, like, the worst sense of that word. Just, those were fascinating cases and trials, and I think anytime you can talk about how the, justice system works, both good and bad, I think it makes us better citizens of the world. most importantly, I wrapped up on a little bit of lighter crime in terms of waffle house crimes, and I had forgotten about that until I went back and looked at my show notes from that, and I was like, oh, yeah, strange things are afoot at the waffle house.

>> Salina: That's true. That is just. That slogan should just be right above their door. I will also do a quick plug to say if, flightless bird with David Ferrier. This is like an extension of the armchair expert podcast world. For those who don't listen to us occasionally, or me occasionally, bring up armchair expert. they. He had one that was on crime podcasts and on, like, true crime stuff in general, and just talked about all of, like, I guess, like, our, like, America's fascination with them, which is, like, one piece, but then, like, just to show how we're all into it. And he's like, here's my top ten favorites, which was one of the things that got me thinking about the Memphis three thing again. So I will just plug that as a really good episode to talk about the mechanics m that are going on in our brain.

Your segment on contemporary art made me more interested in contemporary art

so my first honorable mention is episode 18. I talked a little bit about contemporary art, and I think, for me, I don't even know that I was like, man, I did a really great job in that segment, as much as it was interesting for me. And I wound up reading a book about contemporary art. And I. Obviously, I buy a lot of books to prepare for segments, never finish them in time. But this is one that I went and revisited and read that entire book, and it has me much more interested in contemporary art, because I think what I realized is that I was just ignorant, which, happens a lot.

>> Nikki: That was my takeaway from your segment, because when we first started talking about preparing for that segment, I was like, that's just not for me. Like, I can't. I cannot find that interesting. It's gonna be so stupid. And then that's the segment where you showed me the pictures of contemporary art, and we talked about it, and some of them, I was like, this resonates with me. I want to cry right now.

>> Salina: Yeah.

>> Nikki: Very powerful stuff.

>> Salina: I started off to poke at it.

>> Nikki: Yeah.

>> Salina: I was like, the episode did. I mean, that was what kind of gave me the job. I was like, yeah, that's so weird. That's a pile of dirt. Let's talk about those dirt clods. And then I was like, oh, this is kind of beautiful. And I'm an a hole, right?

I really liked putting together the beware of plastics segment on plastic surgery

So, you know, Tuesday, final, my.

>> Nikki: Last honorable mention, I guess, aka my fifth favorite. I really liked putting together the beware of plastics segment. Beware of plastic segment on plastic surgery. one. It was just kind of fun to come up with, like, the ten things you need to know. I also just learned a lot. There was a lot of historical stuff that was really fascinating. Like, we talked about how world war one really spurred advancements in plastic surgery because, unfortunately, so many of the soldiers were injured, but that gave them the theater they needed to, like, practice all of these things, which was fascinating. there was that weird thing about how breast augmentations, like, increased dramatically after, like, one really, graphic episode of extreme makeover. I thought that was fascinating. Like, that's the opposite of what you would think would happen, but it did. And so I thought that was interesting.

>> Salina: I thought that was a great segment. And, very layered.

>> Nikki: Did you get plastic surgery afterwards?

>> Salina: I am considering botox.

>> Nikki: Oh, wow. That's huge.

>> Salina: Yes. Only in these top two wrinkles. I told Casey, and he was like, why? And I was like, I don't know. I was like, I'm vain because society.

>> Nikki: Tells me I'm supposed to.

>> Salina: Yes. I mean, look at. Look at this.

>> Nikki: Late thirties.

>> Salina: I gotta keep this together.

>> Nikki: That's what we do.

>> Salina: so, mulligans. Am I using that correctly? It's a do over.

>> Nikki: It's a do over.

>> Salina: Okay. Casey will be so disappointed in me and the masters right around the corner.

>> Nikki: Well, I sure hope I'm not using it wrong, because then he'd be disappointed in me as I wear my master sweatshirt. Yeah, it's like a do over. Put another shot at something, so.

>> Salina: Okay, good. I have that. Right?

Tell me what segments you would do over if you had the chance

Then tell me, what segments would you do over if you had the chance? And maybe I should ask ahead of time. How many do you have here?

>> Nikki: I limited myself to four.

>> Salina: Okay.

>> Nikki: Once I started going, they just kept coming. So I can share as many or as few of those as you need.

>> Salina: Me m to you get whatever you need to get off your chest.

>> Nikki: The one that I thought of immediately was the AFV, extra sugar. My America's funniest home videos. Extra sugar.

>> Salina: What?

>> Nikki: In my mind, I had such a clear vision for how that segment was gonna come together.

>> Salina: The game.

>> Nikki: The game. The technological challenges I had, the clips that I ended up showing you, they just weren't funny. Like, I had this kind of, are.

>> Salina: You sure it wasn't your core audience of me just not being the right audience for America's funniest whole?

>> Nikki: It just didn't work out the way I wanted it to, which I think is such a shame, because I really wanted it to be a tribute to afe because it sounds so surface level and superficial. But the more I reflected on it for me personally, the more I realized, like, it is a core part of my life and of, like, my entertainment, and so I really wanted to do it well.

>> Salina: Did you think you were going to bring me along?

>> Nikki: I don't. I don't think that was it. I think it was really the technological issues that bummed me out. I felt really bad about that. So I'm not sure if it really translated to good experience for the listeners.

>> Salina: That was a good experience for me. I was here. I was the one doing it. So, I don't think they had to do any work.

>> Nikki: Well, thanks, Salina.

>> Salina: I think someone at this table needs a vacation. I think it's me. okay. Well, I had two that I was just, like, I really felt pretty flubbed about, and maybe I just didn't want to, I don't want to beat up on myself too much. I mean, honestly, it's very rare that I wouldn't go back and tweak. I would tweak everything I ever did.

>> Nikki: Well, you know, what you saying? Putting into numbers how many segments we did this season, that's thinking back on the season. That is sort of a piece of feedback I've been noodling on is just how much content we've put together. And if you put together that much, it can't all be gold. You know what I mean?

>> Salina: Yeah.

>> Nikki: So I did want to be a little reasonable with it, but we have.

>> Salina: A designing women problem.

>> Nikki: We do.

>> Salina: You know, you try and rip off 26 episodes, and things get hard.

>> Nikki: Things get stacy, so what were your two?

Anthony: The season's pretty silly. I don't feel like it touched on serious topics

>> Salina: So, episode twelve. I did a sidebar on love and revenge. I don't even know it's so much a redo as I probably wouldn't do it at all.

>> Nikki: Just wouldn't do it.

>> Salina: Yeah. So, you know, this sidebar is pretty emblematic of the season for me. I've already talked a little bit about this, which is, on the whole, the season's pretty silly. It's, like, a lot of silly things happening. I don't feel like it touched on as many serious topics as in previous years. And so several times, my extra sugars just followed suit with almost like, a listicle approach, you know? And so that worked okay in the beginning, we had, like, best reunion stories or craziest auction items. But right around this midseason point, I think the magic kind of wore off, and I remember just being like, what am I doing? So sorry, y'all. But maybe there's someone out there who was like, that was my favorite segment.

>> Nikki: For what it's worth, that same episode, the extra sugar, was public access weirdness, all about public access tv. And I don't know that I'd cut that segment altogether, but I sure would tighten it up quite a bit. I don't know how I ended up writing that much about public access.

>> Salina: Funny that you say that, because that was my exact criticism for my next one, which was episode eight, extra sugar fitness trends, where I wound up taking you through about 7000 different fitness trends. And so, you know, it could have gone through about probably two, three, seven more rounds of edits. Just tighten it up a little bit.

>> Nikki: It's not till you're actually reading it that you realize I've gone sideways somewhere.

>> Salina: It's just. Yeah, it just, you know, I liked.

>> Nikki: That one, for what it's worth.

>> Speaker A: thank you.

>> Nikki: I enjoyed it.

>> Salina: I didn't have time for that, but somehow I made time for that. Maybe that's why that lady on social media was like, you got a lot of spare time on your hands. I'm like, no, I just don't use my time wisely.

>> Nikki: Editing takes time.

>> Salina: Yeah. Editing is a lot of work. Yeah.

>> Nikki: I feel like my sidebar from episode two, which was too early in the season to be part of that mid season slump, but it was a sidebar on worse birthday surprises. Less of a mulligan, more of a delete. It was just kind of a nothing burger time filler. it required a lot of time to put together, but really didn't tell us anything. So I probably would just delete that one.

>> Salina: I don't remember disliking it. but, you know, I mean, but it is something when you also equate it with your time spent.

>> Nikki: Exactly. And, then the last one I wanted to mention was episode nine, southern psychology. I think this was an extra sugar. This was an example of, like, trying real hard and ending up with a snooze fest. Like, it was a snooze fest while I was writing it. It was a snooze fest while we were recording it. So I probably should have just cut that one.

>> Salina: Can I just put, like, one more thing back on designing women?

>> Nikki: Yes. As long as it's not on. I thought you were saying on me, and I was like, I don't know about that.

>> Salina: Yeah.

>> Nikki: Designing women. Sure.

>> Salina: I was just gonna say if you could, like, if there was one episode from this season that you're like, I'm never watching that again.

>> Nikki: Oh, shoot. Do you have one?

>> Salina: I do. You want me to give it to you?

>> Nikki: Yeah, tell me so I can adopt it.

>> Salina: keep the home fires burning, which was the fever pitch dream again. World war two.

>> Nikki: Fever dream. Yeah.

>> Salina: Excuse me.

>> Nikki: You know, the other one I was thinking about, regrettably, was, Anthony. When Anthony meets his dad, episode two, it was so strangely placed and so oddly never mentioned again that I completely forgot about it. But then I think I was looking through something to prepare for something in all of this, and I was like, ah, that wasn't a great episode.

>> Salina: Yeah. So there's that.

>> Nikki: But I think you're probably right. Keep the home fires burning is the winner. Probably. Yeah, sure.

>> Salina: That's good. That's good. That'll work. That's good. Yeah.

>> Speaker A: You know, there's a word for you people that worry that competition is a bad thing. Losers. Actually, there's another good word. Wusses. As a matter of fact. You know, there's just a whole lot of good words, and I used to yell all of them out of car windows after beauty page, when I drive by the girls, I just beaten.

>> Nikki: Okay. M the last thing we wanted to talk about. I think I'm gonna scroll real quick, make sure.

>> Salina: Yep.

>> Nikki: oh. She's making eyes at me.

>> Salina: No, the last one, I got stuck.

>> Nikki: She's stuck on a loop.

How was that pie that you took to your grandparents birthday party

The last thing we wanted to talk about today was some unresolved business from the season. This might be something. If we did a finale, finale, finale, we might cut some of these things. But when I was putting together the show notes, these things were really important to me to resolve. And then I know you added some as well, Salina. Most importantly, how was that pie that you took to your grandparents birthday party. It was like a cross between a key lime and a lemon pie, I think.

>> Salina: Well, I'm gonna have to say. You tell me because you got some.

>> Nikki: It was good. I. Carolina ate most of it. You couldn't have told me that before we started recording that? I was gonna ask you about that. I forgot. I forgot.

>> Salina: Well, I thought maybe you decided that.

>> Nikki: You were going to a wonderful, review of my pie, Carolina. I loved it, too. But Carolina loved it. I saved. You're right. You brought me two slices of that same exact pie.

>> Salina: No, it wasn't the same exact pie.

>> Nikki: Okay, so that's.

>> Salina: There was some time that happened between those things. So you're confused about your own question. So I'll just say for those who are like, I don't know what a finale finale is, but hot damn, this is where I'm gonna start off this random podcast. If that's you, first of all, congratulations.

>> Nikki: And welcome to the show.

>> Salina: Yes, yes. But second of all, I made two pies for a segment several episodes ago now called lesser known Southern Desserts. But I was only able to offer Nikki one of the pies that I made because the other pie was for my grandparents birthday.

>> Nikki: She showed it to me.

>> Salina: I showed it.

>> Nikki: She put it right in front of my face and then ripped it away for my grandparents.

>> Salina: Yep. Birthday. Yep. So that is the Atlantic beach pie, which is lemon meets key lime pie, but it's on a saltine cracker crust. So, to answer your question for how it went, I made the whipped cream ahead of time, and I researched and deciding freeze decided, like, freezing it would be the best option for getting it all the way down to my grandparents house. But it's a long, long, long way from me. But I was wrong. That was not the best way to do it. And what it made was a horrible, frightening mess that was just super duper ugly. So I remade the pie all again because I had already cut together video for social media, and so I needed a pretty result, and I came back home, remade the pie, shot the ending, used that for social media, got two likes, took two pieces to your house.

>> Nikki: That's what happened.

>> Salina: Felt awesome about it.

>> Nikki: That's what happened.

>> Salina: I'll tell you right. The pie is delicious.

>> Nikki: It's good.

>> Salina: It was amazing. And that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the fact that lemon and lime things are delicious. Also, more things should go on a, salty crust.

>> Nikki: Yeah.

>> Salina: Don't worry. There's still sugar in it. It's a pie.

>> Nikki: Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Yeah, that was. It was a good pie.

>> Salina: I think you got the better one because, first of all, the whipped cream wasn't a disaster. Cause I hadn't, you know, my science was wrong. And, the second thing is, is by then I had done a better job, with the proportions of the crust, like, making it more even.

>> Nikki: Uh-huh. So what did your grandparents think of it? They loved it, even though it was a mess.

>> Salina: I think if I had brought, like, a literal mud pie, they would say it was delicious because their grandparents. But, like, my aunt also said it was really delicious. And I truly. Theresa, you tell me. Text me if you feel differently when you get to this episode. But I think she would be like, you've done better things. she's an honest gal.

>> Nikki: Well, I really liked it. Now that you've reminded me, I did have.

>> Salina: It is an unforgettable pie for Nikki.

>> Nikki: Unforgettable. I bet if you asked Carolina right now, she'd remember that's the state of my life right now.

Salina: So fish have feelings, according to World Animal Protection

So the other thing we had, Salina, was thank you for caring some truths and falses from Charlene this season, huh? That we wanted to talk about. So fish have feelings.

>> Salina: Yeah. so I looked that up. I did some googling, some Google. According to World Animal Protection, a review showed that fish feel a range of emotions and feelings, including fear and distress. But what's maybe more important than accepting that fish can feel negative emotions like pain, is recognizing the fact that they can also experience positive states like joy and pleasure. Also, sorry to say. According to Discover magazine, many scientists agree that fish can feel it when they've been hooked.

>> Nikki: See, that's what I think. Yeah. Ah.

>> Salina: So did we say this is because these are all the random, crazy things Charlene said? We didn't.

>> Nikki: You know what? It's in my. When I get someone of mine. Yes. One of the things Charlene has done to us this season, or at least to me, sent me down a rabbit hole in the cold open first couple of minutes of the episode. She has so much randomness. This season felt extraordinary. But to your point. Yeah. it's every season. the other one that she said. So in mine I had turkeys are so dumb that they can drown in the rain. That was from season five, episode one. I found a how stuff works article. It basically says that turkeys turn their heads to the, like, tilt their heads up to the sky, and they'll stay there for a couple minutes, but they can't drown that way. That's just a myth. it's something to do with the way their eyes work. like, they have eyes on the sides of their head, so they have to turn their whole head to focus on something. Like, we have bilateral focusing. Both our eyes focus same time. They can only focus in one eye at one time. so that's part of it. They tilt so they can see. The second part of it is that they have some sort of, like, genetic condition called tetanic torticollar spasms. and this causes them to exhibit abnormal behavior, like looking at the sky for 30 seconds or more at a time. They're just weird.

>> Salina: Yeah.

>> Nikki: Wow. They're not going to drown. Yeah. So not true. You had one, Salina. Only sex releases more endorphins than running.

>> Salina: Yeah. I couldn't find an answer to this, but I did find some. You tell us. Helpful related information, according to Irish Times. Sure. Running, stimulate.

>> Nikki: Oh, we should say we had a five. What did we have, a 20 minutes Google or five? Hit Google result rule on this one.

>> Salina: or just a couple things in life.

>> Nikki: Yeah, it took us too long. We gave up.

>> Salina: Yeah, come on. Anyway, so running stimulates a lot of the same happy hormones that get released during sex and orgasms, like endorphins. But endorphins take a while to eek out over a run, in contrast to sexual arousal and orgasm, when they flood your brain. Let's look at Nikki's eyes.

>> Nikki: So many words.

>> Salina: Specifically oxytocin, aka the cuddle drug, aka the labor and childbirth drug, gets released at the point of orgasm during a run. And from eating chocolate, for that matter. Heading downstairs to eat chocolate after Nikki leaves. But it has to be a really long run. Like 2 hours or more or a lot of chocolate or. Yeah, probably more chocolate than you want to ingest. I don't know. I don't know. So anyways, that's what I found out.

>> Nikki: I felt better, feel more enlightened.

The first one is the hands up routine from Giselle. This was from episode 15

So enlightened, the next one I had was the hands up routine. This was from episode 15. This was the sensational Giselle episode. in the opening of that episode, Charlene says, I'm reading about this beauty tip hand models used. This makes the blood run out of your veins, makes your hands look smoother. She's holding her hands up in the air. so a quick googly tells me that this is a time honored beauty tradition. A Daily Mail article I found sure says, adopt the time M honored debutante's trick for achieving beautiful hands. They used to hold their hands in the air while being driven to a fancy party. Why? So that by the time they arrived, the blood had drained down from their hands, which would be fashionably cool. Cool and pale for when they had to shake their hostess's hand. It also makes bulging veins look temporarily less prominent. So true.

>> Salina: Oh, all right.

>> Nikki: There you go.

>> Salina: I'm glad I'm over here just holding them up right now.

What about water picking in the shower? Okay, this one's just stupid

We had one true z. I feel like I've de aged by ten years.

>> Nikki: How young? I am so young. What about water picking in the shower?

>> Salina: Okay, this one's just stupid. Okay, so I don't even. I never even saw any results on Google. It was like, do you want to buy a water pick? So, what I can tell you is that water picking is pretty good for you if you would like to actually purchase a water pick. And there is a cordless flosser that you can take in the shower with.

>> Nikki: Could you please the dental hygiene influencer? That would fit your. That's your milieu in life, for sure.

>> Salina: And obviously, what people would like is how I tell them, like, I got some mobility in my front right tooth, and I don't know what's going on no matter who I go to see, so that's intriguing. That's a thing that's happening in my life right now.

>> Nikki: It has ongoing teeth issues.

>> Salina: I do teeth issues. A lucky gal.

Salina talked about her worst Christmas surprise on last week's podcast

>> Nikki: All right, well, good.

>> Salina: Well, there we go.

>> Speaker A: Well, I have plenty to say about the thing that's gone on here in the last couple of days. First of all, Julia, you made a big fool out of yourself at that gallery. And that. That Roseline friend of yours, she dresses like a shepherd. Also, Mary Jo, I cannot believe that you went and gave Charlene all that money just cause she didn't want to use some used parts on her car.

>> Salina: Please.

>> Speaker A: I mean, she comes from that hillbilly territory. You know, they all got about 400 old junkie used cards up on blocks in the front yard.

>> Nikki: Come on. So, is that finale finale enough for you, Salina? Is there anything else I can do?

>> Salina: You want to dig in a little bit more? Let's just start over. We could be one of those really meta podcasts that goes back and reviews our own episodes and, like, what did we do right?

>> Nikki: Oh, God.

>> Salina: I don't think I can do that.

>> Nikki: I don't think I can do that. It's enough just to see the words written out on the screen and to remember, man, I really did talk a really long time about worst birthday surprises. Not even my own, just other people's. I talked about my worst Christmas surprise, which you pointed out to me wasn't even a birthday.

>> Salina: Oh, it doesn't matter.

>> Nikki: What's going on? It's not all gold.

Salina: Sounds like we're done. It sounds like we need a couple weeks off

All right, so, Salina, it sounds.

>> Salina: Sounds like we're done.

>> Nikki: We're done. It sounds like we need to take a couple weeks off.

>> Salina: Let's wrap this up.

>> Nikki: Because we're creatures of habit, we do owe the listeners a special episode. that has traditionally been where one of us watches a movie that we've not seen. Maybe the other one's seen it last, season. I think you had to take the bullet for us.

>> Salina: I don't remember what was last season. No, neither one of us did. We did first wives club.

>> Nikki: Okay. Was that last season?

>> Salina: It was.

>> Nikki: Okay. You had to watch one that you really did.

>> Salina: Two. Howard the duck.

>> Nikki: Howard.

>> Salina: Captain Ron.

>> Nikki: That's the one I'm thinking of.

>> Salina: But Captain Ron, I didn't dislike. I love that. And it's at the top tiers of my movies.

If you are enjoying the show, please leave a rating or review

>> Nikki: Well, it's my turn this time because we're watching soap dish. I cannot believe that I've never seen this. Because I looked at the cast list. There's, like, Sally Field. There's a ton of stacked cast. I don't know why I've never seen it. I have seen.

>> Salina: That's the only person you named Kevin. It is stacked cast.

>> Nikki: Tom to bond Kathy and Jimmy. We're gonna do a whole episode on it, so I didn't think it was worth talking, but we can, So we're finally fixing that. Spoiler alert, I have since seen it. M so we'll talk about that in a couple weeks.

>> Salina: Don't you act like it somehow are the duck. I will never have done to you what you did to me. Also, I gave you a range of options, and you selected changed your soap dish.

>> Nikki: In the meantime, friends, follow along with us. We're on Instagram and Facebook at Sweettea and tv. Our email address is sweettea you can search Sweettea and tv on YouTube, and our website is If you are enjoying the show, please leave us a rating or review wherever you are listening to us. Someone recently left us a new rating on Apple Podcasts, which I never know.

>> Salina: If it's, like, sad or happy. When we point out one review over the past, over the course of life.

>> Nikki: It'S just whatever's caught my eye recently, it was.

>> Salina: And it was nice because I did see it, and it was nice because I thought it was very, respectful and thoughtful. It was like I don't always agree with them. But you know what? I love their surprise birthday party content.

>> Nikki: And I, love that perspective that, like, we don't always agree. That's okay.

>> Salina: That's how I felt it. That's, like, what drew me into this part of podcasting on tv reviews in the first place is like, like Gilmore guys. I didn't agree with a lot of their opinions, but I thought their perspectives were well thought out and well founded, and so I was like, I want to hear this.

>> Nikki: It's almost like other people have opinions that are valid, too.

>> Salina: That's right.

>> Nikki: My note to the world. My note to the world is that alternative opinions can matter, too. You just might not agree with them. Anyhoosie, my soapbox on life.

>> Salina: In the meantime, not your soap dish. Go on.

>> Nikki: Not my soap dish.

You can support the show by becoming a Patreon. Our Patreon friends are going to get an exclusive extra sugar this week

You can also support us, by visiting the support us page on the website, which will link you to other ways to support the show. One such way to support the show is by becoming a Patreon. Our Patreon friends are going to get an exclusive extra sugar this week. we're going to give the episodes of season five the old March madness treatment to see if Salina and I can figure out our number one episode for the whole season in a segment we're calling designing women season five episode showdown.

>> Salina: But would you be willing to do that in our stories, to let people who follow us on instagram decide what the best episode is?

>> Nikki: I've given it vague social media thoughts, Salina. That's as far as I've made it. But, yes.

>> Salina: Did I mention that this will be your post?

>> Nikki: I'm kidding. See if it happens. We'll see if it happens. so, yes, I think that would be fine. And I wanted to say just a sincere thank you, as always, to the listeners, to you, Salina, for an excellent season five. Thank you to everyone for your questions, your interest, every nice thing people have said. Thank you.

>> Salina: And mean things. Thank you. Because it keeps us humble.

>> Nikki: Those things, too. So, what do you say, Salina, one more time for good measure?

>> Salina: Yeah. you know what that means, Nikki?

>> Nikki: What does it mean, Salina?

>> Salina: It means I gave you fried green tomatoes as an option for this special episode, and you chose soap dish. So this one's on you, toots, and we'll see you around the band. Bye.

>> Nikki: Don't you think it's a little sexist.

>> Speaker A: To expect Anthony to kill the mouse just cause he's a man? I don't. I say the man should have to kill the mouse. And until you do. I'm out of here.


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