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Episode 9: PMS, Mai Tais, and a Voice-Activated Brassiere

This week, we introduce our show's new theme music! A huuuuuuge "thank you" to James Singer, the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, and piano musician, Mike Milsap. It's such an honor to have your jammin' version of "Georgia On My Mind" open and close our podcast!

Now, what are those wacky Designing Women up to this week? Well, Charlene finds herself in love with two men. Suzanne DOES NOT have PMS - that’s made up. Julia doesn’t want to hear pet names or about who or what gets people all "hot and bothered." Meanwhile, Mary Jo sucks down one too many Mai Tais, and inquiring minds need to know: why would onewant a voice-activated brassiere? Also, LBT, please, these 80s references in a Southern accent. Challenging.

And stick around for another installment of Grits Blitz in this week's Extra Sugar!

Here’s an interesting read:

7 Myths About PMS That Need To Be Dispelled Immediately (

Come on, let's get into it!

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