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Gift Guide: Nikki's Faves

SANTA IS COMING! Here are six of Nikki's favorite things, in case you want to treat yo'self or the Nikki-style loved one in your life.

  1. This hand-warming style of mug is one of Nikki’s favorites - the perfect size for an extra-large cup of coffee and getting your mind right before the holiday craziness starts.

  2. A few years ago, Kyle made the mistake of buying Nikki a luxury set of pajamas and he is now committed to buying her a new pair every year. There is NOTHING better than crawling into bed at 8:30 to watch Captain Ron in your cozy, fancy PJs. (Complete the vibe with a pair of vintage wool socks!)

  3. No Christmas for Nikki is complete without a gift from Lush - this Snow Fairy lotion is a new fave this year.

  4. As far as Nikki’s concerned, every Southern winter feels a little warmer with a Sherpa-lined trucker jacket.

  5. Fun fact, as soon as a new Kendall Toole class drops on Peloton, Nikki is all over it. If you know someone like that, consider supporting Kendall’s Spiritual Gangster line. One of Nikki’s personal faves is this sweatshirt. It’s an investment, but it’s quality!

If you buy any of these for someone you love in your life, let us know! We'd love to hear about their reaction!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!



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