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[Revisit] Designing Women S1E18 – How Do We Title This One…All Crying Emojis?

A VERY important episode for us: the first time we really see Delta Burke get to do her thing as Suzanne. Like her real thing – not flighty Suzanne and not “excuse me” Suzanne. THIS is the version grappling with her identity, her age, and what she wants out of life. All prompted when Suzanne falls in love with the little girl she temporarily adopts, only to have to let her go forever. 

A quick reference to a popular 80s toy leads to one of our most twisted Extra Sugars to date: the weird history of cabbage patch kids. 

Some references for those who need more:

The History of Cabbage Patch Kids:

Cabbage Patch Kids and the Occult 

Come on, let’s get into it!


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