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We're Nikki & Salina.

We go together like sweet tea & TV.

Hey y'all! Thanks for stopping by! We're Nikki and Salina - two Southerners with a lot of opinions about how the South and the people who live here are portrayed on TV and in entertainment. 

On this podcast, we’ll explore Southern representation in media and offer our takes, based on our own opinions and experiences.

In our first few seasons, we're talking DESIGNING WOMEN!

For the most part, our goal is simply to entertain. But, unfortunately, when you talk about the South, you can’t ignore the region’s checkered past with social issues. So, when it’s necessary, we address those issues in a careful, respectful way. 


In addition to introducing some listeners to Southern portrayals in entertainment, we’d also like to introduce them to some of the stuff we love the most about the South: THE FOOD! The charming sayings and turns-of-phrase. And fun facts about the South, as well as other things we're learning along the way. 


So, buckle up, grab some sweet tea and let’s watch TV!


Follow along!

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We’ll recap and review each episode of Designing Women -- with some special segments here and there. For your best listen, watch the episode we’re covering before listening to our show (unless you’re a super fan and watched it recently). The iconic sitcom is currently available in full on Hulu and IMbD TV. You can catch later seasons on Pluto TV.

What were the critics saying in 1986 when it premiered? Well, check it out for yourself in the New York Times and Washington Post. And how about we throw it all the way back to a 1980s-style promo?

Have questions or comments? Drop us a line!


Good to hear from y'all!

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