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Designing Women S4 E3 - Miss Georgia for the Rest of My Life

When the Miss Georgia pageant moves their records over to computers, they discover a clerical error in the voting tally is putting Suzanne’s most cherished title in peril. First, computers? Nothing but trouble. Amiright? Secondly, how…is…Suzanne…going…to…take…this? Maybe not so well given Consuela and some voodoo curses come up, but that’s OK! It’s an excuse to “Salina’s Sidebar” about Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of NOLA.

Oh, also - it’s baby shower day! That’s right - we can’t forget Charlene’s pregnant and that there’s a shower for her! (In fact, come back later this week, where we’ll cover baby shower traditions (maybe even some Southern ones), in this week’s “Extra Sugar”!)

Dig deeper into Marie Laveau’s life with these super helpful sources:

Come on, let’s get into it!

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