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Sweet Tea & TV: Southern Sandwiches

It started out simply enough. The goal: to make tomato sandwiches because…tomato season. Then ambition struck, and before long, six Southern sandwiches were made. And six were devoured. It’s not important who had how many.

We made a video of them on Sweet Tea & TV’s Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, but then realized: what if you don’t know the ingredients?? What if you – like one of us – NEEDED to know what a pineapple sandwich tasted like? So, with that in mind, below are the ones we made and where you can find the recipes:


  • Hard times make for interesting sandwich combinations.

  • Southerners will put mayo on anything and with anything (and we are “passionate” about which one is “right”).

  • We understand not everything is for everybody, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

  • (Almost) everything can be improved with an egg

Make your favorite – or the one you just have to try – and listen to the season 4 “Finale-Finale” episode while you do.

Come on, let’s get into it!



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