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And so it begins...Grits Blitz 1.0

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Before we officially dive into season 1 of the Sweet Tea & TV podcast, drop by for a quick game we like to call: GRITS BLITZ! This go 'round, we'll have Salina try to identify classic Southern movies by listening to iconic scenes. With a twist. How many can she get right? How many can you get right? Come on, let's get into it!



Hey, y'all.

I'm Nikki.

And I'm Salina.

And this is Sweet Tea TV, a podcast by two Southerners exploring and celebrating the better parts of southern culture on TV and in entertainment.

: In our first season, we'll dive into the iconic show Designing Women, a series far ahead of its time, following four strong, brazen women right here in our backyard, Atlanta.

So join us as we break down each episode and discuss what they got right, what they got wrong, and how this show holds 30 plus years later.

Come on, let's get into it.

Today, we're going to test Salina's Southern knowledge at a breakneck pace in a game we like to call.

You green Blitz.



Was it the ending that does it for you?

I just want to know how many of these you're going to make up that are going to get stuck in my head for, like, two weeks.

Let's hope a lot of them.

I have too much fun creating them.

They're good.

I like it.

All right, so here's how we're going to play Grits Blitz this time.

This time, Grits Blitz is five clips from Southern movies.

Initially, I was planning five clips from classic Southern movies, but I feel like the word classic was a little too all encompassing for some of the clips that I have hint.

So these are just Southern movies, but the kicker is they're played backwards.

So these are brief clips from Southern movies played backwards.

And I want you to identify, hopefully, the line, because they're pretty kind of iconic scenes from these movies, but if not the line, at least the movie.

So you're setting me up to fail.

I am setting you up to have a challenging game that really tests your Southern knowledge.

Do I get kicked out of the podcast if I because I need you here.


All right.

Well, I just need to know what.

The I'm nothing without you.

This is just pride.

There's no steaks.

Southern pride.

Southern pride.


Southern pride, what you will.

No food.

Well, I don't know.

Let's see how good you do.

Maybe I'll make you something if you do a really good job.

Some sourdough.

That's an investment.

Salina, that would be, like, all five clips, right?

And, like, the bias I mean, I could buy of the actor.

Okay, there's five of them, and you get 12 seconds to guess because okay.

Ten seemed too round.

15 seemed like too much.

So twelve it is.


I'm nervous, but I'm ready.


You feel ready?

As ready as I'm ever going to be.

I just have no idea what you pulled, so we just want you guys to know this is like frill.

She is not sharing anything with I have shared nothing.

Here comes clip number one.



But her last.

12 seconds.


You've got to be kidding me.

Salina fried Green tomatoes, 5 seconds.

Salina, is that your final guess?

Yeah, I guess I don't know.


That was not correct.


What would you say if I told you that that was steel magnolia's?

Oh, I would say that I really messed up because I've seen that movie a thousand times, but not backwards.

They're blush and bashful.

Her colors are pink and pink.

My colors are blush and bashful.


I'm so sorry, Salina.

It's okay.

It's hard in reverse.


Let's try another one.

This next one is truly a southern classic.

Truly the definition of southern classic.

Are you ready?

I think so.

12 seconds.


Gone with the wind.

Oh, Rhett butler.

That is correct.


Well done, Salina.

It was a strong hint.

Was it the hint?

But let's not get into that.

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d***.

Well, that was well done.

So there's one of two so far.

So we have got three more clips for you.


I think I would say, Salina, I think that was probably the easiest one.


So I leave you with that.

All right.

Well, at least I'll know I have gotten one.

I can live with that.

You can live with that?


Pretty much.

One in five is not so bad, right?

It's all downhill from here.


All right.

So we'll go to clip number freelance.


Get it.

Oh, that was a knowing look.

Your 12 seconds has started.


Was that one fried green tomatoes?


As I feel like I hear Kathy.

Bates saying, that is correct.

Oh, and you just heard my timer go off because you had many, many seconds left.


To get.


That's how fast you got it.

All right.

My initial guess was going to be fast and the furious, not southern, but all this.

I was like, fast and the furious meets south Pacific.

Neither of these are south, per se, but that's what it sounded just it was the cars.

The cars were giving it.

You were mentally going through your rolodex of car movement.

Was it the scene where she tells the two girls, yeah, you may be younger, but I'm older and I have better car insurance or something?

Let's find out.


Cathartic to listen to this.


I'm probably not far off from this happening one day.

Just going to go ahead and warn you.

Yes, ma'am.

She's so polite.

She said, yes, ma'am.

Very funny.

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

Basic girls.

I'm older and I have more insurance.


This is why you don't mess with people, because you don't know what kind.

Of day they've had and you don't know what kind of Kathy Bates they are.

That's right.

That one, I think, counts as a truly classic southern movie, as does the next one, I would argue.

You're on to clip number four.

And for everyone keeping track at home, Salina has now gotten two of three correct.

Ones around me.

12 seconds.


It's Forrest Gump.

How do you know that?

Now how do you know that?

Are you serious?

How did you know that?

You finished it well before the timer again.

That is correct.

My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you're going to get.

Did you think I was not going to get that one?

Or was that a low hanging fruit, if you will?

What did you really think?

I was worried the mama at the end would give it away.

But it felt like maybe if it had been me playing, we would have needed that one as a morale booster, I guess, is what I would call that one.

It's truly impressive, Salina.

You have gotten three of four.

I've got five clips.

We're down to the fifth clip.

Do you feel ready, number five?

As ready as I ever will.

12 seconds is going.



All this time?


Sleeping Beauty.

Beauty and the beast await.

If I told you this was a modern Southern classic, playing football in your.

Lap time, varsity Blues, well, the dang won't your laugh.

That's right.

I don't want play football.

Your laugh.

He wants to be an artist, I think.

Wasn't that what it was?

Yeah, a poet, a writer, I don't know.

Oh, a writer.

That's what it was.

They're all artists.

Yeah, that's right.


Well, I'm sorry you didn't get that one, but you did an excellent job.

And I will tell you, with the Forrest Gump one, I almost switched this game up even more.

I almost did each of the clips backwards and then also at like a chipmunk pitch because I thought that Forrest Gump one was too easy.

But I played all the clips for my husband and he was like, she's not going to get any of these.

And I was like, okay, well, maybe I don't have to do that then.

They're really hard.

But I forgot you're like a movie savant.

I don't know.

I would have felt better if I gotten all five, right?

Well, wouldn't we all?

Well, the first one was disappointing because it's Steel Magnolia's, which I just feel.

Like I know I'm disappointed in myself on that one.

But also it's kind of funny that Varsity Blues is a modern one, but that movie is like 21 years old now.

That movie could drink.


Still modern.

I'm just saying that movie could sit down and have a beer with you.

That's what I'm saying.

It is.

It's from 1999.

I remember seeing in the theaters, most.

Current one we did, Steel Magnolias was 1989.

Gone with the wind.


Fried Green Tomatoes, 1991.

Forest Gump, 1994 and Varsity Blues, 1999.

That was a good game.

I liked it.

That was fun.


So you just need to decide, Nikki.

That may not be a sourdough, but maybe it's like one brownie, but it's left at your house, in your mailbox.

You did really well.

So I will have to figure out some kind of prize that is more than pride, because I think that earned more than pride.

Well, and the audience is going to.

Want to know what the prize is.


Like, not now, but we're going to have to tell them.


This is me holding you to a prize.

And this is me kicking that can down the road.

Let's save that.

And we'll update that one later.

We'll make that a extra sugar.


So this was Grits Blitz, our very first edition.

Grits Blitz.

I don't know.

That's it.

I don't know any other way to end it.

Okay, well, I just wanted to sing, too, because you got to sing.

You get to sing all the time now.

I don't get to sing.

You can.

Well, I'll be figuring out a way.

Well done, Salina.

Grits Blitz 1.0 in the can.

You I only.


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