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Designing Women S2 E15 - Honk If You Knew the Sugarbakers Had a Brother

On this week’s “Designing Women”, we learn about an extra branch on the Sugarbaker family tree - and he’s named Clayton. That’s right, Clayton Sugarbaker joins us from his latest stay at the “Macadamia Ranch”. Julia wants to put him on display, while Suzanne hopes maybe they don’t have to tell anyone about his mental health issues. Who would have ever guessed they would disagree on something??? But, worry not, together, they help him discover his dream by the end of the half-hour.

About halfway through the episode, Salina brings us a “Salina’s Sidebar” on guest star, Lewis Grizzard. And, because he was a UGA alum, Nikki uses that as a springboard to FINALLY get a whole “Extra Sugar” all about UGA - this one about noteworthy UGA alums.

If you’d like to do a little digging on your own, check out:

Come on, let’s get into it!

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