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Designing Women S2 E18 - Mi My Mo Mena - Consuela!

You know it’s a wild ride when we start by selling edible undies and end by winning big in Atlantic City, well, not us, but Suzanne and her PICs, Charlene (AKA the Roomie) and Anthony (AKA the Gambling Advisor).

That’s right, when times get desperate, Suzanne does what any of us would do: takes her last bit of money, puts it all on black, and lets it ride. (That’s a thing, right?) Meanwhile, we have questions: what do nightly cake and pie parties entail? Who’s doing this…and can we come?

Stick around for this week’s “Extra Sugar” where we talk about great comebacks, inspired by Charlene’s FedEx story.

Some reads:

Come on, let’s get into it!

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