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Designing Women S2 E23 - Finale, Finale

That’s right - 24 hours of recording later, and we STILL have more to say about season 2. So, whatcha say, finale-finale?

Let’s do a “by-the-numbers” - we promise, we’ll make it good! Ooohhh, and let’s revisit some of our favorite moments of the season! Ooohhh, and I think we HAVE to revisit some of the references we’ve dug into this season. We learned a lot along the way - whether we liked it or not.

And stick around for “Extra Sugar”, where we learn about the woman, the myth, the legend: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. Here are a couple references, if you want to peruse later:

More than anything: THANK YOU, friends, for continuing on this journey with us! It’s been so fun to hear from some of you this season and we’re looking forward to more in season 3!

Come on, let’s get into it!

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