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Designing Women S3 E15 - The Women Who Mooned Atlanta

What happens when you take a frog-gigging flashlight, an assault rifle, a full moon, and mix ‘em with our Designing Women? Well, you gotta end up at the jail to find out. This week, we’ve got a full Saturday night of madcap mayhem with the ladies.

Salina takes us on one of her sidebars: this time about car dates. Oh, and in Nikki’s, “Lunar Lunacy: The Myths, The Truths, and What To Do About It” “Extra Sugar”, she’s gonna tell us everything we need to know behind this myth (or is it a myth…???)

Here are a few of the resources she referenced during the segment:

  • Washington Post debunks (or do they?) the theory that full moons affect human behavior

  • When all else fails, ask the Farmer’s Almanac. (Spoiler alert: They say it’s not true, either…)

  • Harness the benefits of the full moon (and the other phases of the moon!) with this guide from today.com. (And get a little more insight on moon mapping and the significance of various phases of the moon, which vary by culture, from VeryWell.)

And, as promised, “car date” ideas and more:

Come on, let’s get into it!

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