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Designing Women S4 E17 Extra Sugar - World's Fanciest Bathrooms

In this week’s “Extra Sugar”, we’re taking an investigatory look into the underbelly of…No we’re not!! This one is light, lighter than light. We’re talking about fancy bathrooms courtesy of Anthony’s shock and awe over the luxurious ladies room inside the car dealership.

And, y’all, these are fancy. Couple of quick thoughts:

  1. Money doesn't buy taste.

  2. Why are people obsessed with gold finishes?! We mean, it’s fine.

Because you’ve GOT to see some of these for yourself:

Then there’s that world-famous toilet:

And for the history buffs:

Come on y’all, let’s get into it! (Ok, but like for the first time, let’s maybe not get into it – just talk about it from a safe spray distance.)

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