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Designing Women S4 E4 - We Need Some Kind of Vacation Counseling

No, no, no! Haven’t these women learned their lesson yet? They canNOT - we repeat, CANNOT! - go on a trip with the menfolk. Even a short weekender. It NEVER works out well. Unfortunately, they decide to head up to North Georgia and take us on the painfest with them.

Fortunately, we can distract ourselves discussing the various and sundry offensive ways they talk about the locals. Hey! We’re a podcast dedicated to debunking Southern stereotypes - we just call that “content”! (We’ll also do a “Nikki’s Nibbles” called “Wild Dinner”, in honor of the ladies’ dinners at the local bar.)

And come back later this week for “Extra Sugar”, where we’ll talk about the cultural moment underpinning this episode - the movie “Deliverance.”

Here are some references, if you need ‘em:

Come on, let’s get into it!

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