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Designing Women S4 E7 - Some Like Dolls, Some Like Revenge

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

OK, when Bernice is at the center of the plot, you just know it’s a good one. Her niece wants to have her declared incompetent. Is it Sugarbakers + Anthony to the rescue, or will their shenanigans lock away our beloved Bernice forever? We just have to talk about IRBAT – as in the International “Rich B!t*h” Alimony Tour – in a "Salina’s Sidebar."

Come back later this week for an “Extra Sugar” where Nikki breaks down another “Designing Women” favorite reference: Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker.

Some reads:

Come on, let’s get into it!



Hey Nikki.

Hey Salina, welcome, welcome to my house and welcome everyone.

Welcome y'all.

Welcome to my house as well.

You're in Salina's closet right now.

Yeah, it's nice in here.

I guess you don't think about it too much and you're tripping over a lot of things, maybe.

Uh, well, it's been a while since we've uh done this.

It's like riding a bicycle, like maybe after the third or fourth fall.

I'll feel like I'm back in the swing of things.

Oh, well, that sounds dangerous.

But yeah, it does.

It takes a minute just to kind of like whatever also.

It's 9:00 AM.

So it's very early.

Yeah, but we can't pretend like we're not normally doing stuff at 9:00 AM.

It's just a weekend.

I think it's different because it's a weekend, like usually at nine AM on a Saturday.

I tend to be in my pajamas, drinking coffee, or at least in workout clothes, lounging.

That's why I wore my lounge wear in her wear.

Like normally I'm in a tux here in a three piece suit.

That's lovely.

That's what I like to podcast there.


Um, so my favorite thing is now, ever since, like, pandemic where it got, like, you know, it just made me even slouchier and worse is, like, um, I'll come home.

I'm definitely in leggings and a tank top and I'm like, oh, I got to change it to get my closet.

Can I do something very similar?

I'm usually in some version of workout clothes, although I usually do at least put on a pair of jeans for work.

I don't, a lot of people think that's weird but it, like, it makes me feel pulled together.


But I find that there's a brand of people out there who are really comfortable in jeans.

I'm just not one of them.

I'm not particularly like Kyle is comfortable to the point where he will sit and watch a movie in jeans.

Like, just laying around the house.

What is that?

I don't know.

I was actually going to ask you because yesterday we did meet up briefly and I was in jeans.

You were in jeans?

I almost commented but I didn't want you to think I was.

Which is, it's weird though.




Every time I wear jeans it's weird.


But I'm telling you, like, ever since I signed up for Stitch Fix?

Oh, were they stitch fix?

Everything that stitch fix?

I think it's because everything has like, a nice relaxed waistband.

Although, like, are they maternity jeans?

I would totally wear maternity.

That's the thing.

That gets me is, like, still, like, they're, they're a little tight through the hips and I just don't find that to be, like, comfortable to, like, be around and it's almost like I have to get used to it, like, podcasting for the first time after a month or whatever.

So, all right.

Well, jeans, jeans, it's a thing I'm wearing.

It is kind of weird that jeans have stuck around in fashion as long as they have, you know, they're just so practical.

Like they match everything.

They're kind of warm but also not so hot that you like, I can wear jeans in the summer.

I prefer not to, but I can.

Yeah, you can.

And it's like acceptable.


And then there are all different styles.

So, like if you like, you know, my biggest excitement recently was that flare leg jeans are coming back into style slash R in style now and like between a boot cut and a flare leg is my preferred.

That's where I like to be.

And so as soon as I saw him, I was like, I'm getting a pair of those.

I've got a couple of flare pants and I, I, I haven't worn them yet.

So dang, it's time its time but I'm in leggings so much.

See, I am not a leggings person.

I'm so weird like that and like working out in leggings.

I don't like either.

They, they're like stuck to your, do you talk about leg.

I never use leggings for working out.

They're only for what they were in for.

I think they're too tight for me.

Same problem with skinny leg jeans and I wear skinny leg jeans, but I don't enjoy them the whole time.

I'm wearing them these flare leg jeans, man.

It's glorious.

They're like wearing sweatpants.

Except the waistband is a little tight.

This is what, this is what I'm saying.

They're like, they're like, oh cool.

Anyone can look good in that?

Oh, crap happening.


Anything you've been up to, you want to talk about, you wanna tell me anything?

You have more exciting things you've been up to?

No, I mean like, yeah, I mean, uh well, I got back from vacation is what Nikki is referring to.

So I may or may not have said that I got Casey a cruise for his 40th birthday here.

I know.

You know, I'm not sure you said it.

Do they know?

Do y'all know?

Did we talk about it?

Yeah, I can't remember but what we did, um, so we went um on a, a cruise for a week and we just got back last Saturday.

She looks so well rested.

So I would say tan but Salina doesn't get tan, she stays covered up with sunscreen.

She's very responsible in the sun.

Yeah, I'm the only person who never comes home from vacation with a, are you gonna talk about your vacation later?

You want to not talk about it now.

We'll save it.

Oh, what are we saving it for?

I don't know, you're not sharing as many details and I don't want to push you if you're not ready.

No, no, no, no, I'll go ahead and talk about this now because I'm, this won't factor in later.

Not really believe in God.


So um we had three stops in the Bahamas, Jamaica and Lobby, which is a private is that the cruise line owns off of Haiti.

Um And I have to say that was actually my favorite.

It may be because I miss Jamaica.

Um in all fairness, I want, I want to be like because I had such a good time the night before I was just too hungover, but I got food poisoning.

That's what you want to say.

I mean, that sounds way better than like I got food poison.

I don't know, hungover and food poisoning are kind of in that same category for me.

But it, well, I was going to say at least one led to like at least one was a fun time that led to a bad time.

But honestly, I was eating a lot and that was a fun time.

It was a fun time.

Yeah, so unclear what it was and maybe it wasn't food poisoning, but it had all the classic symptoms, the tell tale signs of a good poisoning.

So this is my third time hearing about your trip.

And I've never actually asked you, what kind of activities did they have on the cruise ship?

You could rock climb.

They had a dry slide.

Which sounds so weird.

Well, you go down like a mattress at the fair.

I was gonna say, when you're on the huge, huge, like this thing was so much bigger than that other cruise ship I had been on before.

So, um, there was like an outdoor stadium, movie theater situation.

Did you guys go see a movie?

Uh I wish we had, they played Maverick and I played it during our dinner slot later.

Um, they also played the latest Thor movie and I would have been good seeing that as well.

But, um, I just missed that all together.

You sort of run out of time, don't you?

I think our crew spent most of their time in the casino.

I was so bored like with that.

I mean, I'm sorry, because that's no offense.

Like if you love it for me.

Uh So last night though, I did play a little, um, like video poker with Casey and then I did finally play slots and he made fun of me because he was like, just go anywhere you want.

And I was like, can we just leave if I just do something?

And he was like, absolutely.

So I was like, perfect.

Um, so I walked all around, like looking for things and then I saw this spot and everything was really nice and bright and colorful.

And then there was no one there and I was like, oh, beautiful.

And I walked over there and I went to, like, the high stakes slot or whatever.

And he was like, of course, you and I, we were on the same page until you said high stake slots.

I find my way to the penny slots.

But I'm like, oh, this seems, oh, a penny.

But I didn't know for sure.

Like I was, and he was like, you're so funny.

You think that gambling is so silly and then you go to the high stakes and I was like, first of all, I didn't know.

Second of all it is totally true to my personality.

There's not a soul over here.

Third of all, I'm being nice right now because it's your birthday.

There were a lot of older people in the casino.

These people could get down.

They're way cooler than me.

I was like, I'm tired, I'm ready to go to, go to bed and they're like, I mean, they're just living it up, just smoking it up.

That was the other thing too that I, like, walked in there and I was like, and, you know, honestly, ok, you've never smoked a cigarette in your life, right.


So me, ex-smoker, you know who the worst people are, right.


So I walk in there and I'm like, no, how could anyone ever, they're sharing their lungs and mine, these perfect lungs.


And I'm like, oh, hairball.

Uh, so, yeah.

Um, but I actually won 20 bucks.

I was up to 40 because I was like, just bet $20 do it.


So I was up there for 40.

I wanted to walk away.

I was like, no, I just walk away.

Six hours later I was down $7,000.

I was like, actually I'm in debt now.

I got to leave.

Um, so, um, I, I was up and I would have walked away but he thought he was like, Salina, just, just, just, just do that too.


And then I lost it.

Um, so all of it all 40, I think.

Just 20.

So I even Steven did.

I, I think it's, it's, that stresses me out.

That's so Kyle Kyle loves to gamble.

He, uh, he can play poker.

He just doesn't, he likes roulette.

He really likes, um, no, roulette's the one he really likes.

I think he likes.



Are you ready?

Are you ready to vacation?

Well, if Casey likes gambling on a cruise, that's Kyle's favorite place to be, is in the casino.

And I think casinos are depressing.

Would they be dangerous for?

This is where I get?

Well, so what I was going to say is Kyle's rule is you don't spend anything you didn't expect to lose.

So he will put aside, yeah, he'll put aside like a pot of money.

And say, like, I have 2 $200 I was going to say 2000, I have $200 and that's my gambling money.

And he's really, he's got a lot of self control just in general.


Kyle doesn't drink, he doesn't really drink when he gambles unless they're free drinks.

If Casey is sitting down and he has gotten a place at a poker table, he stops drinking.


Um, because it's dangerous.

Yeah, because he can't, I think everybody, like, I went to bed early one night and I was like, I'm gonna just level with you.

This is boring.

Just, I'll get out and go to bed.


I'm like, you hear me and then, and then everybody stayed and then, like, his phone had gone dead and my solution was, I'll just go back and charge it in the room.

And then I realized I was like, this man is on this cruise ship and he doesn't have a phone or anything.

And I was like, I have it and I was like, what if he gets really wasted?

And like, he's just sleeping in the car slumped up and I do, they'll get him back to his room and I didn't, and I don't know why.

I thought, like, suddenly he would turn into this person who's just drunk out of that line, you know, you're like, half sweepy.


But he, he came in and he was like, oh, they all left and I was just playing poker at the table.

I was like, jeez.


Um, but he loves it.

So, Kyle, you love that too.

That would feel sad to me.

But they like, and that's so too.

That's why it's very sad.

That's why it's great to go with other people so that you don't get, like, stuck in a scenario where you're by yourself, in my opinion.

It's a good group trip because you could split up.

I'll just tell you one more thing.

This is the only, the only other thing I feel that like I, I haven't told you and may or may not be interesting for other people to hear.

I'm sorry.

Um Is that in the middle of the ship?

They had something that they called Central Park and I just thought that you were on that?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, it's a cool ship.

You didn't have a room that overlooks the park then knowledge we researched a lot of cruises didn't.

And my thing was is when, when it gave me the option to choose the room, I looked, it was like this place is quiet and I said it's like back near the spa.

Um So that's where I, I decided to put us in retrospect now that I see that central park was very quiet.

I thought it was gonna be like a party zone and it wasn't, that's more like the promenade area.

And um it was quiet, relaxing.

So beautifully manicured with all these plants.

I'm like, how did you get there?

There was a bar that was surrounded in glass and it would go up and down, like the bar slowly.

Yeah, that's cool.

You could go in there and have drinks and you would raise up the cruise ship and then come back down.

That's how the sun dial in Atlanta got themselves in trouble by moving while people are eating.

Isn't that the point though?

That kid got hurt?

Oh, I didn't recently.

Uh, maybe like within the last, I mean, within a decade.

Oh, ok.

Yeah, he got wedged between the table and the window.

Oh, gosh.

Yeah, I don't know if that.

Well, actually I think I saw a kid in there.

I don't know that.

Um, I'm sorry, that's not the point here.

He was cool.

He was great until the kid fell off until the kid up.

Um, you're in the glass.

So it's fine.

It's fine.

That one with the park in the middle looks really cool.

The other one that looks cool to me.

Cruise ship wise.

I don't know any of the names of them.

Um, but like the, you can do a water slide and it goes off the side of the boat looks really cool.

It's this one that looks really cool and I'm, I'm, that's the one thing I am upset about.

I think I said this when I was giving, you know, you come back from vacation and it work you have, that's your pin, you're paid to tell us all.

Um, and, and that was one thing I was really sad about, um, the line was really long when I say I went back to the room and I got, I got lost or something as one does particularly me.

And then, like, I was just fed up and I was like, I'm just gonna go ahead and get ready.

And then like Casey came back to the room and he was like, we're on the slide.

I was like, how dare you know, I'd rather him have been with another woman.

Don't say that too loud.

That would have been that.

Are you kidding?

I'm given that option to stay home from work.

I'm like, have you seen Mad Men?

Oh, no, I mean, I'm not serious, but I like it won't hurt to f would have been devastated if they did the slide without me.

It was, yeah.

So, but other than the food poisoning and the lack of slide, great trip.

It was a great trip.


Did you have any?

I remember you told me one time you went on a cruise and you got like you went to the coffee bar like every day I did.


So here was the problem with that.

I, a different cruise line, right?

And back then the person who made the coffees like was almost in the middle of the ship.

And so you work, it was like in whatever their promenade area was.


So you're always hitting that.

Now, what they've done is they put in Starbucks, even if you get the deluxe beverage package, Starbucks still costs you money.

Uh, yeah, really?

And so, um, that's what's in the middle of the ship.

Now, what they keep to the right of it is Lavasa on tap the whole time.

What you guys can't see.

I'm giving Nikki a big thumbs up because Lavazza is one of my very favorites and that's nice.

But I wanted like some latte.

I wanted, I did not get, take full advantage of the refreshment package.

Not really, I did do a lot of mock tails but, but not like to get my money back.

Not nearly what I would have had to, had to do.

But I think I really would have made myself sick because then you're just really drinking a lot like juice and mixer, right?


That you, you were already too.

Um, I was already sick.

I couldn't be sicker.

Um, so, uh, I got one latte the whole time and it's because you had to go up to the buffet and it was on the 15th floor and, you know, I took the stairs the whole time.

I got really annoyed when people were taking the elevator.

I was like, it's just 10 flights.

What's the big deal guys?

I also take the stairs the whole time.

I'm on a cruise because I just eat so much.

And the smarter option.

I also do not stand in line, like, almost generally speaking in my life.

I refuse a line.

So like the slide, I probably wouldn't have done the slide if there was a hint of a line and the same thing with the elevator.

Like people just stand there.

What are you gonna do?

Just like, wait in line to get on this elevator when I could be like a quarter of the way there and the time it takes you to get there.


It's just, it's just insane.

Oh my God.

And the greatest transition of all time.

That was impressive that you're trying to back out of talking about something that's been going on for you that you want to tell because like, I don't have to talk about what's up with that?

You have two Children.

You have, well, I mean, there's just like stuff, just stuff.


They got you running well.


Yeah, doughnuts.

We did.

We've been made doughnuts quite a few times.

Um I tried oven baked donuts and then I tried air fryer doughnuts, the air fryer ones I had to make, I didn't have to make I made with yeast.

So it was like a much longer process.

It took like almost four hours to finish that batch.

So um the baked doughnuts, you just put together the batter and like throw it in the oven Um, so the air fryer ones, I think, taste wise were probably better, but like time wise, the other ones were better.

But, you know what?


So, we really haven't been up to that much.

And I'm glad because looking at the next, like, eight weeks, every single weekend, all the things you're gonna have things to tell us.




I mean, I, no food poisoning though, I hope not.

I, I feel like I need to knock on wood right now while we're sitting here.

We've had a really good run.

Uh We're taking all of our supplements.

We are like fully, we're fully on everything so that we don't get sick.

So we haven't been sick for a while.

You're taking the zinc, you're taking the uh the culberry.

Oh, sure.

That's right.

Wait, math.

All the things that would be insane.

I have one more and yes, I'd like this transition.

Uh The last thing I'll say is probably the most exciting thing that's happened to me recently is I watched a movie, an entire feature film that I had not seen before in preparation for this extra sugar to accompany this episode.

Oh, an entire movie.

Uh-huh The Eyes.

It's the eyes of Tammy Fey.

Uh because we're gonna spoiler alert this week's extra sugar is all gonna be about.

Um Jim and Tammy Fey Baker.

So I watched this movie which was made in 2020.

I think Jessica Chastain.

Plays, um, Tammy Fey and I watched that in preparation for this segment.

I really put myself out there because, you know, I don't watch the movies very often.

I don't get to watch movies a lot either because I'm too busy watching TV V.

Great is going on.

I have seen that so I'll be interested to hear your take on it.

I also started watching the New Night Court Reboot on Peacock.

It is very funny.

It is very, very funny.

Totally worth it.


Yeah, I need to check that out but now I've messed up your transit your multiple attempts at transitioning.

That's crazy.


So this week we are covering designing women season four episode seven, Bernice's sanity hearing Hulu describes it as such when her niece tries to have her declared incompetent.

Bernice enlists Sugar Bakers to come to her defense at the hearing air date.

November 13th, 1989.

We're calling this one, some like dolls, some like revenge.

That was a very funny line.

She's got you every time.

So it was written by L BT and directed by David Trainer.

So general reactions.

Uh my first one is, it's a be episode, one other observation matters that that's true.

Um Also, I'll just go ahead and say spoiler alert on Rewatch.

This might be my in my top five favorite episodes of the entire series so far.

Really, it's also a hulu essential episode for the season.

I didn't see that 1st of 3? OK.


Uh, what about you?

So, um, I have a few things.

So Mary Jo's recreation of Tony and Cassandra Hall at the beginning.

Um, was I feel like another rail against, like, yuppie types or like new money that L BT seems to just really have but like the California specific version.


Very specific.


There, it seems like there's just some triggers that she has, like, she really hates when people talk about money, which is like a really, I don't know that it's southern.

I think it's like an old fashioned etiquette thing.

You just don't talk about money.

But I think it's very prevalent in the South.

That, that is something we don't want to do.

So maybe it's like her Southern is poking through.

Um, she doesn't like when people talk about money she hates when people use words like babe and like, um, buddy and stuff.

I don't know.

She seems to always talk about that.

She really hates when people are, like, overly into the way they look or appear.

It feels like we hear these things over and over again.

So this episode, or at least that little skit at the beginning, that little bit was a reminder of that.

Um, the whole episode kind of reminded me of that episode.

Um, maybe season three where the cat inherits all the clients stuff.

Um, it's like that idea of everybody looks a little crazy when you're missing the context.

Bernice is certainly quirky but like everything they pulled out as her quirk was tied back to someone who is otherwise considered sane.

I'll go ahead and say that, uh, that's in my likes and I really like that twist which makes sense.

I didn't think about it relating to the cat episode.

Uh, but yeah, definitely.

And I, I like that when things get turned on its head.

My last general reaction was, um, Suzanne's vacation.

I was wondering whether she paid for it or not.

And, um, because Suzanne's still supposed to be kind of on the skids a little bit.


It's, well, I think that's become more and more unclear, you know, I think, or maybe, like, we just don't care, but maybe it's like a rich man that's on there.

So that was the other thing I was wondering is if they, like, took her along probably because we don't, it's weird.

We're not really getting, like in the beginning of the series.

I feel like we got a lot.

Like she's with this old man, she's with that old man and that seemed to have dropped off.

Um, so, I don't know.

It's a great question though.

The second point I have written down and now I can't remember if I wrote this down, like, on first watch or if this is something that came about because of extra research.

But it's this idea and maybe you mentioned this recently that like Suzanne's just sort of going to disappear for chunks of episodes throughout this season.

And this feels like another example, another excuse to get her out of the way.

So, like, we shouldn't care whether she has money or not because it doesn't really matter because we're just trying to get her out of the way.


Like, don't think too hard about that.

Yeah, I think that's true.

That was my last general.

I have a couple of strays.


I got a few more generals.

Um, I was just wondering whether or not we need to talk about the difference between eccentric and actual crazy or, I don't know if that's worth doing.

So I was just gonna say that for me, like, it feels like eccentricity is different because that's people who let's just say they paint with all the water colors, you know.

Um, and maybe they take a different path to get to the same outcome as someone else.

Um, and I don't think they're necessarily like a danger to themselves or others, not necessarily.

And so I'll hold on to finding insanity because I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist but like, but that, not that, not that, like, it does feel different.

It feels like maybe it's someone who stands out among others.

Does that feel accurate to you?

I think that's, yeah, I think that's right.

It's just someone who they call it, like, marching to the beat of your own drummer.

Like, again, you're not a danger to anybody.

You know, Bernie's never really put, I don't know, although she rides in Anthony's lap while they're driving, which is kind of dangerous.

Um, but she's not like, like hurting anybody and she's not really hurting herself.

She's just quirky.

She likes the piano with the Beatles face painted on it.

So I guess the classic or the channel two news action, whoever it is, it's hard to say whoever.

Uh my last general reaction is.

Um So this episode actually contains one of Julia's most iconic lines.

It may be the most iconic after and that's the night the lights went out in Georgia.

Um And I just wanted to say so I'm gonna read the line and then I want you to tell me if you feel like this feels true to your experience or not.

She says, and just for the record, I think you should know that even if Bernice were crazy, that doesn't necessarily mean she should be put away.

What are you saying?

I'm saying this is the South and we're proud of our crazy people.

We don't hide them up in the attic.

We bring them right down into the living room and we show them off.

See Phyllis, no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family.

They just ask which side they're on?

Oh, and which side are yours on?

Mrs Sugar Baker.


How does that?

Feel for you.


I wish my mom were here to talk about this because I feel like she has some really colorful family members.

I just don't know them as well as she does.

Um, but, yeah, I mean, it's so funny.

I, she said some iteration of this line, like, several times previously, at least two times previously.

Like putting your crazy on the front porch.


Um, and so it's, it's funny, I, I love it.

I think it's hilarious.

I don't, I don't have any other context to know whether that's unique to the south or not.

Um, it's just kind of normal to me that we all have a great uncle who has a wooden leg and plays the fiddle and sits on the front porch and plays for hours.

That feels normal to me.

Is, is that normal to you?

Um, I can't tell if you're telling a real story or not or do?



I love it.

I had a grandfather who bootlegged.

Is that normal?

That feels normal to me.

Um, I love it.

I want you to keep going.

And so I was just gonna say it does like, does nothing really ring true for me, especially when she said both.

I was like, oh, you too.

Now, the other side's Midwest.

But, hey, don't let you think that they're crazy with running out occasionally.

So, um, I, you know, it's, uh, for everyone to know, I actually wanted to do something on eccentric southern characters, but I just really couldn't find anything that was like, and it really surprised me, honestly.

Um, I mean, I would have had to go more of the Southern Gothic route and that's not really what I wanted to do do.

Um, so, like, while I couldn't find anything to substantiate it, uh, it does feel more common in the south.

To me, it's certainly captured in movies and books.

So I'm thinking about Boo Radley.

I'm thinking about weezer and Still Magnolia.

That's the first thought I had when you said, I mean, she's an eccentric character.

Um, and she's mean, and I love every inch of it.

I feel like it's just, uh, it's almost just sort of owning your quirk like you and I, like you said earlier, met up for coffee.

Um, and you said something about, like, well, I don't want to be like, I don't want you to see all my weird quirks all at one time or whatever.

And it's just like, sort of like the eccentric person just doesn't care about that.

And they just, like all of us have quirks and weirdness and maybe in southern families we're just more likely to just kind of, like, talk about it later but not judge the person like we're like, oh, and so, and so has been up to such and such, but I don't know, it just seems normal to me.


I kind of like it, I think it's what gives us that color and character.

Um, and also it's like, laughable that, although I do think I hold back some quirks from people to, you know, you just give them a little, give them a little something to look forward to.

That's what I think.

I think, um, a lot what I would actually say is when I think about my family is sometimes they put it all out there too quickly and that's always made me hold some cards back.

So to you, you might be like, Salina is like the most.

She's just the most.

And I'm like, no, you haven't seen the whole cards back here because I don't think some of my family plays it close enough to the vest.

And I think that has been uh some things that have made it tough on family members of mine.

The other thing I think about when I think about my extended family, when I think about my extended family, they all sort of live close to one another.

So they spend a lot of time together and I do feel like there's something to that in the south and rural.

Like you spend a lot of time with your family and who are you going to be most yourself with your family?

And so my whole face just went blank.

I'm like, meanwhile I move like, really far from all of my family but not close enough to see them.

But close enough to create a loving distance.

That's the northerner in me.


Any time I go visit my South Carolina family, it, it uh both impresses me and also scares me because I am not like I don't have that level of comfort with most people in the world that I just sort of let my crazy hang out and it impresses me how comfortable they are with one another.

And so I think if you were a neighbor and you saw some of their interactions, you certainly would think we're like a quirky family and we are, but it's just that familiarity with family.

Um And I, I hate, I didn't mean to take us down a rabbit hole, but it just felt like um we had ourselves a Southern opportunity there and I didn't want to lose out on that because um we're not necessarily going that route with any of the segments that you and I have curated for this go round.

And um I think that southern eccentricity is, um could be a fun thing to explore if we kind of figured out how to do that with that in mind.

I would love to hear about your strays.

I had a few cut lines.

Uh Charlene made a statement really early in the episode about killer bees which was cut, but it helps make something Bernie says later in the lawyer's office, make more sense.

Um There were also some more cut lines when Bernice's niece came into Sugar Bakers and the women were talking with her, it was um they were really short cuts, but a lot more like on the nose taking up for Bernice, um defending her not as crazy, but as having kind of a unique sense of humor.

So I feel like that might have tied things together a little bit more if we had been able to see all the cut lines.


Um And then sorry, I'm going through my notes, Mary Joe's hair really looked good at the top of this episode to me and I may have a picture somewhere but I fixed it whatever was going on like I want to see her as a redhead.

I just do.

It's like that's Mary Jo to me.

Uh and two more things.

One just these are, I'm telling you strays.

Bernice was allegedly drinking the champagne from Charlene's baby shower which was like four episodes ago.

So like do they just leave it laying around or is this like really old champagne she's drinking?

I'm thinking um because I guess my first thought was like there would be no champagne left over with my friends but then I'm thinking like I I could, I could see it like I could see it there.

They don't seem like big drinkers even Joe like she has three sips and she's drunk, but that's true.

But yeah, that's it.

That may be like a little bit of a stretch.

And then the last thing I wanted to say is, should we say anything about sunburns?

Have you, do you have a running list in your head of your worst sunburns?

It's so funny that you're saying that my very first day is Suzanne coming in.

All sunburn was really almost like PTSD for me.

It's awful.


As a fellow fair ski, you must have, like, the running list of like, the worst ones you've ever had.

And every time, like, even talk of a sunburn comes up, I'm like, it's not like that time I was coming back from California had to request a special aisle in the airplane just to myself.

Yes, I've had just, it's, it's really like, laughable too because I care so much about my skin and yet I've had the worst burns ever.

Well, it's probably why you care about your skin.

It's one of a few.

You, it's the only skin I get unless we come up with something real fancy.

So you're still somebody else.

I mean, I don't know where the world is heading.

So, um, uh, so I think the worst I've ever had was in Hawaii.

Um, one of the worst anyway.

And, um, Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, thank you for rubbing alo on my back when I got back.

She still talks about it to this day about how disgusting my back was and it was, my skin was coming off and I feel terrible and I'm so sorry.

And I know it really just anyways, thank you, you're a good friend.

That's what you need to know.

Um, I have what you should really do.

And this is my friend Michelle who has told me several times, I don't do podcasts, so she'll never hear this.

But, um, she puts on a base of the lotion first and then later comes back with the spray and she's like re upping and I have taken that on.

And one reason why is because I've had a few incidents where basically you're like in the wind and it's not necessarily getting on you.

You might think it is.

And I wound up like a candy cane with literal stripes running down my body super pretty.

And then I think one time, oh, this one was bad, we went kayaking down Broad River, ok.

This is in Athens for those who don't live around here.

And as Georgia, for those who don't live around here, and Georgia is in the United States for those who don't live around here anyways, it's a river.

And um so we went kayaking and we went with a girl who I forgot sunscreen like an idiot and she was like, just rub this cocoa butter on you and like a moron like a 22 year old moron.

I went, oh, well, that's so maybe that was more moisturized.

And let's just say the next day, we kept all of the lights very low and I just had to lay there on the couch, like, oh my God.

Yeah, that was, uh, if my skin ever recovers, that's all I have to say.

You know, they found a questionable spot on my leg a couple of years ago and in the instant she said we're going to biopsy this all I could think about was all the terrible sunburns I've had in my life.

Tell us.

Well, I think one of the ones that I always think about was we went to a Braves game.

I feel like it was a field trip for school or something, but I was wearing shorts and I got sunburn from the short line to the knee and so bad, like bright red.

Like what didn't blister but really, really bad.

And the next day I went to school and I feel like maybe I didn't wear shorts to school or something, this would have been middle school.

So, you know, like what you wore out in public was weird.

So I feel like maybe I had a rule where I didn't wear shorts at that time.

So I had to wear jeans to school and that day they decided we were going to sit outside and enjoy our lunch on the curb.

And so I was sitting there with my bright red sunburn on my legs, jeans, covering it and sitting in the sunlight eating lunch.

And I was so freaking miserable.

That hurt.

So bad.

So, just like I've had bad sunburns, but like memory wise that one and then I went deep sea fishing one time and had a, um, a black shirt on.

First of all, it was V neck short sleeve and I ended up with sleeves.

I still probably have the tan lines from that sunburn because it was so bad.

Ok, I'm going to tack on one more because I, I could go for days.

I have so many terrible stories.

So this is actually this one's for you, Sarah.

We were in Panama City.

We're 15 and she and I are both very fair skinned and got burnt.

Like lobster are so bad at it.

I did something really weird but I got burnt like on my lip and I was like, what it was like above it but it like formed a mustache.

And I was like, ok.

And then, and so she and I had to like, while our son got us, Greek, 10 bodies were down at the pool the next day.

She and I had to sit and there's picture evidence of us and we're not very happy and we're just sitting in the bed like all burnt to a crisp and like it went in pajamas but won't sit on our skin too much.

And we were so mad because like spring break, man, you lose a day of spring break.

That's a big deal.

Don't get those back.

Trust me.

I haven't been sun burned like really bad in a while.

Like occasionally my forehead gets burnt because I like right by my hairline.

I don't take my sunscreen far enough up.

But I learned that if I keep sunscreen on kind of consistently, I can one be out in the sun longer, but I still develop a tan.

It just takes a little bit longer.

I think like I needed that trigger in my early thirties to be like, oh, I can still be a tan and responsible.

I don't have to be like covered up all the time.

My thing is I forget to put on sunscreen now.

And I also um Kyle is very Mr sunscreen because he also is very fair skinned and burns really easily and cannot stand a sunburn.

So fortunately, he usually looks out for the kids because I just get so like in play mode when I'm at the beach or the pool.

I just totally forget about sunscreen.

I'm just like, let's go play and they're like, Nikki, please come in and put on sunscreen.

Literally, I was pregnant with Landon.

I think it was my father in law had to come out and he said we were all sitting on the beach and they voted me the one that had to come out and tell you it's time to put sunscreen on.

Oh my gosh.

That's so funny.

I'm such a child.

Well, speaking of sunburns and Suzanne's tree.


Can we do a side bar.



Let me find the music.

It's a side bar.

Celina sidebar.

She's got a keyboard looking for a reward but deep in the obscure, taking us on a deep tour.

What you got Salina in Salina?


Did you see my brain turn on?

And I was like, oh, right.

That's me.

Oh, that's me.

Uh So in our 182nd minute I thought we'd side bar.

I wanted to, I'd love for us to join Suzanne on what we're calling her bat.

And that is according to Mary Jo, her international Rich Bitch, Alimony Tour.

Uh Nikki, I'll let you decide whether or not you need to um run over my B word there.

Uh So this is what Mary Jo had to say during the episode.

What is some?

Well, someone said, what is she doing in Greece?

Oh, she's on some rich person's yacht near Scorpios.

She says it's a vacation, but we think she's gone to pay her respects to the sacred ground where Jackie O got her $20 million settlement and then on her way home, she'll probably whisk off to New York to have a little meet and greet with Joanna Carson culminating the International Rich Bitch Alimony Tour.

So now I've given you two to be clear, Jacko and Joanna Carson are no longer with us.

This is meant to be tongue in cheek, not disrespectful.

So come along with us and first sell with me if you will through the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean to Scorpios Island where we'll join Jackie O.

She was initially bequeathed $250,000 a year after Oasis died in 1975 plus a quarter share of his private island, Scorpios again and his yacht, the bulk of the money actually went to his daughter and a foundation in his son's name.

So like I would take that amount of money just to be clear.

But you have to bear in mind that Onassis was a multimillionaire worth 500 million when he died.

That's $2.7 billion today for an apples to apples.


That means today she'd have gotten 1.4 million a year.

Let's play that out.

That's math.

She lived, I had someone check my ma don't worry.

She lived 19 years after his death.

That would have totaled out to $26 million again.

Sign me up, I'll totally take it.

But if you calculate the percentage of his worth, it's less than 1%.

Now, let's take that and put it towards numbers a little easier to grasp.

Let's say you have a friend, Fran gets divorced.

They're promised 1% of their spouse's $100,000 per year salary.

Your friend will get $1 a year.

Oh, no, I'm saying that's rough again.

It's not rough, but it's rough.


He cheated on her.

Kept a mistress.

On the side, the entire marriage and frequently humiliated her in front of the press, including telling reporters exactly when and where she'd be on Scorpio so that they were able to get nude sunbathing photos of her.

These wind up in hustler hustler, Jackie, Jackie Kennedy, like America's Princess.

These, uh, also from Hustler, they hit tabloids all around the world.

Um, so which I, this is something I never knew about.

Uh, but it happened, Mary Jo referenced the $20 million settlement she received.

This is actually from Onassis's daughter and a few years later after he passed, they were still married in exchange, Jackie would not go after his estate.

So no, Scorpios has insinuated, but today that settlement would have totaled 97 million.

So did I miss it?

Why did he hate her so much?

Well, I didn't really talk about that.

Um I think I don't, I don't know, it's, it's, it's uh I I will link to an article where you can explore it a little bit more, more if you feel so inclined.

I think there were a couple of things that happened.

Um One thing is, I mean, it sounds to me like from what I read, he pursued her, he got her and he lost interest.

So I think that's part of it.

But then this letter hit the press of someone who was in Kennedy's cabinet that she sent a letter to like the week she got married to Onassis and while nothing like, totally clear was said you could read between the lines that there was a romance there.

I think he was really embarrassed by that.

But I'm like, well, why don't you just go talk to your mistress about it?

But anyways, you know, we are talking about men of a certain era.

So I think, I think it just got really, I think it just got really bad.

Sounds like I need a deep dive.

It's, it is a very interesting story.

I could, I could have gone more but next we have to fly.

Yeah, we we don't have time for that.

We got places to go.

We got to fly private.

Of course.

Well, sure to the Big Apple where Joanna Carson's two apartments are both were part of her 1985.

Great year beautiful settlement with the iconic late night host, Johnny Carson, as well as a home in Bel Air.

A Rolls Royce Mercedes Benz, 310 shares of Carson production Corp and residuals of any each night show reruns from 1972 to 1979.

All of this in addition to monthly payments until she was paid 2.8 million and that would be about 6.8 million today.

But here's the thing, a lot of really big settlements have happened since this time, I thought we could run through a few.

But before I get to the ones that crept to the top of my list.

Is there any big ones that come to mind for you that you've seen in the press in recent years?


Uh, oh, not off the top of my head.




It's a, there's gonna be like, I feel like a Mariah Carey situation on there.

I think that's fair and I don't know what that settlement looked like, but, um, don't, that's why I said, don't feel pressure, ah, got some stuff, right?

So you may not consider these like celebrity celebrities, but they are definitely larger than life kind of folks.

We got Bill and Melinda Gates.


Yeah, that's an obvious one almost immediately, right in 2020.

And then there's gonna be the, um, sorry to interrupt you.

The, uh, cut me off the Amazon guy, the Bezos.

That's right.

And Bezos is that one too?


It's gonna make my, my, what I wrote a little funny but, um, perfect.

No, no, it's good though.

It's good though.

It's good.

It's good guys.

I still didn't read it to you.

I did.

All right.

Well, actually I cut you off.

Um, I will not be cut off.

Have me have silence and that's what I love about you.

We knew that was a podcast silencing me.

Ah, ok.

So they split in 2021.

We're talking about Bill and Melinda still, the details of their settlement aren't public.

Not that I could find even still today.

I mean we are talking about two years later but still, but we do know that neither is paying spousal support.

So that's one thing we know when this was being widely reported on back in 2021 their net worth was around 100 and 52 billion.

Meaning they could, they could have each been worth about 76 billion following their split.

Then late last summer, Forbes reported Melinda had sold more than one billion of the stock she got in the divorce settlement.

So out of at least 6.3 billion of stock, different companies um that were transferred to Bill from Bill to her.

So that's one piece that we know whatever the final numbers shook out to be.

I imagine that Melinda's makes Jackie and Joanna's settlement look like me and you digging some change out of our couch cushion.

It's like, where is this going?

What are we, what are we digging?

I don't like this bun out of graves.

So hold up because Mackenzie Scott, hold on your pants.

Mckenzie Scott has entered the chat.

If you don't know her name, you know her ex-husbands.

And if you don't know his name, Nikki spoiled it and told you, let me answer.

Let me, let me, let me, let me at it.

But you know this company, it's Amazon, they're probably leaving you a package right now.

So check your door.

I think I have one coming today.

That's right.

You can see it from your ring.

So the ex is Jeff Bezos.

He and Mackenzie split in 2019 and she walks away with the quote, the biggest settlement ever awarded in a marital split.

She received 38 billion in Amazon stock automatically.

That's right.

Not automatically automatically making her the fourth richest woman in the world.

I had forgotten about this.

I thought you were about to cuss and I was so excited.

I've forgotten about this.

But in 2020 she donated an estimated six billion.

And at the time, according to a vote, a a vogue a vogue article experts said this might be the most ever given directly to char charities in a single year by a living donor.

So I remember that and if you can't get enough, we'll link to a people article highlighting the most expensive and explosive celebrity divorces of all time.

So besides all the celebrity Tea Nikki, what did you like about this episode?

She's so good with the transitions today.

Uh I have two things.

I wanted to call out one.

You've already said Bernice is back.

We get an episode with her in it and she isn't crazy, which made me happy.

Uh And then I wanted to call out Mary Jo's physical humor in this episode when she showed Charlene how to get her underwear on while pregnant.

That was really funny.

Um And then she did that really funny impression of the wedding pictures of that Yuppie Beverly Hills couple.

And she was, like, in all the pictures, they're like, ah, ah, that was really funny to me.


I, yeah, I think everybody was really spot on in this one.

Um, so it, actually, there were so many things I liked in this one that I cut a bunch of the stuff that I said because I realized I had basically recapped the episode.

Uh, the Bernie is at the top of that list.

Some of my favorite lines were thinking that her niece Phyllis's son's names were Dick and Dick.

Curses, Dick and Nick.

That was amazing.

Her niece's gift.

The hat.

Julia says it's an interesting hat to which Bernie says.

No, it's not stupid hat, but I don't want to hurt her feelings and I like super relate to that and it's hilarious.

Um confusing Phyllis saying she wanted to have her declared impotent incompetent.

You mentioned this early.

But when she is drinking champagne right before her competency hearing and then pulling out a hidden bottle of gin.

Should I be drinking gin and stuff?

I mean, just, just perfect.

Uh Mary Jo's line.

Uh What case it seems to me, you built your case around two dicks and a half which I will tell you I almost submitted as the name for this episode.

I imagine that had to be a top runner for you, you know.

But you know what?

Sometimes you just like a little, a sleeping dog lie.

Just let two dicks and a hat go, you know, let it go.

Let it live in your heart.


And I just knew that would just make you so squeamish.

The judge walking in repeatedly on the women doing stranger things than Bernice ever has in his reaction each time was absolute perfection.

Um Her, her being Bernice, her summary is so good.

She says that's twice.

He's been here and she's raving about some girl's breast and you're on the table ju ju with imaginary underwear.

I mean, oh my God, Bernice isn't the crazy one.

That's right.

Then Suzanne's diatribe about the Swiss mistress on the yacht with her.

She says the Swiss Miss if you will, the Swiss Miss now I want some hot cocoa.

Well, for starters, she didn't wear a top for seven straight days.

You know, just any excuse to go around naked and act like you don't speak English.

If the sun came out that top came off, if the sun went in, that top came off, if the moon came up, that top came off.

And I tell you in my whole life, I've never been so sick and tired of looking at one girl's breast, which actually describes me every time I go to a concert, I'm like, can everyone just put their boobs away?

I have not seen someone take their shirt off at a concert in two decades.

It's been a while.

It's been a while but also like if we really do you see that in like a Taylor Swift concert?

I don't know, man.

Um, my, uh my very last one already covered and that's just a twist at the end.

She's not crazy.

The rest of them are.

That's true.

Was there anything you didn't like in this episode?

Me neither.

Me neither.

I think it was near perfection.


And I guess that means let's rate.

It means uh my rating scale is arterial flow problems.

Yeah, I gave it a five out of five.

I'm with you.

I don't think there was much in this episode that I didn't like.

And I just love Bernice.

And if you give me a plot line all about Bernice and no distracting subplots, I'm just going to love that episode.


Um I gave it five out of 52 dicks in a hat.

You still got to use it, you still got to use it.

You will not be silenced.

I will not.

Uh for me, this is a flawless episode, especially on rewatch.

I don't think I like I needed a rewatch for this one to catch all the lines I think.

Um And all of the women I felt like were used pitched perfectly, really playing to each of their strengths.

Every delivery is spot on, especially Suzanne and I'm just going to say it.

Alice Ghostly is a master of comedy, period.


It's really funny.


Uh We want to talk about some 80s things.

I have three.

Oh, ok.

I gave you the three fingers.

I'm gonna count down.

Uh, Dan Quail, who was the vice president under George H W from 89 to 93.

Uh, Charlene wrote him a letter or something at the beginning of this episode.

Um, so the reason I wanted to bring this up here is because she says something about like a, um, a mistake that he made.

So at a young Republicans convention in 1989 he did, in fact, accidentally replace Bud Buzz Aldred name with the name of a congressman convicted of being a sex offender.

This was among many verbal gaffes.

He made, um, most notably misspelling potato in a spelling bee appearance.

I knew that one.

I feel like that's when you hear about a lot.

Did you have anything to add about Dan Quayle?

Uh, no, I think you, um, I found the A P news article where they talked about the mix up and it's the only thing I'll add is like you have Edwin Buzz Aldrin and it's Donald Buzz Lukins.


Oh, so close.

But it's got to be hard to do speeches all the time.

I think it is.

I, I, I think, um, I mean, even just doing this, I'm like, I say stupid, stupid, you hear back and I'm like, I'm just cringing.

Um, so, and that's not me commenting on politics at all.

It's just, I can I can totally relate with where these people make these mistakes.

Yeah, just like how um and this is happening to me with but like I'm thinking one word and another word out.


And it'll be like close like fool and fly or something.

I don't know.

But then it makes everything, not make any sense.

So I don't know.

I, I feel, I feel bad.

He, he really, it's ok.

Charlene was sending him letters.

It's true.

He feels better.

Um I also wanted to mention Doctor Ruth, there was a Doctor Ruth um mention in there and if we weren't doing extra sugar on the bakers, I wanted to just like come up with one fun fact about her and I ended up down a rabbit hole.

If we weren't doing the bakers, I think she might be really interesting to do.

Um If you don't know who she is, she was a really well known or is a really well known mainstream media sex therapist.

Um And she like, well into her seventies was talking about sex, which is like probably she was an older woman talking about sex when I learned who she was.

And there's something like a little bit disorienting about that, but also like really cool about that.

Um Most I think interestingly to me is that she was a survivor of Nazi Germany and um just like built an entire life having survived that tremendous tragedy and is amazing.

Are you ready for me to tell you something.

I am.

We have talked about this before.

Um, but I am telling you that to say that you and I had the same reaction last time I said something similar.

This is like three seasons ago.

I should have said it's why it's three seasons ago.


Send them back.

But here's why because you've had that thought and I've had that thought.

So, maybe it needs to go on the list.

She's cool.

She is, uh, the last one I was going to mention is Judge Wapner, another cool eighties person.

He was the first presiding judge over the People's Court, which is the longest running traditional court show in history.

Don't you love People's Court?

Um, I've seen it before.

I actually really love, um, Judge Judy, I really liked her.

So, uh the show aired on and off since 1981 and they actually just announced that the 23rd season will be its final.

Oh, there you go.

There you go.

I only have one thing in eighties and it's a sharper image catalog, the catalog part and the sharper image part again, I think we talked about this before, but it's not really just eighties references.

It's really dated references, which I should probably change and that will happen.

Maybe season five.

We'll see how it goes when we officially get into the 90s.



Well, it's like, you know what, you know what Salina I used to love sharper image.

That was a highlight of going to the mall.

It was a big deal.

Yeah, a big thing.

Uh Southern things that line about not hiding the crazy in the south.

I jotted that down here.

That was the only one I had just the channel two news team only because like that is one of our local news stations and how I think they would have referenced him at the time.

So, um, references we need to talk about.

I don't have anything.

Oh, ok.

Well, let's see.

The ones I needed to talk about talk about I talked about.

Yeah, I think you got some, some of mine.

So I will skip down to ones that we haven't covered, which is the mcguire sisters and the song May you always, they are both referenced in the episode.

Why did I think I had the mcguire sisters?

You know what?

I probably cut it.

That is crazy because I read a whole gosh, darn article about them.

Well, come on, tell me, remind me, remind me so I can catch it a few seasons from now.

But don't spoil it.

I can't remember it.


So the mcguire sisters were a singing trio of you guessed it sisters.

Yeah, we also have a Phyllis on the episode, right?

So that's why it comes up.

There's Phyllis Christine and Dorothy and I guess I could have probably taken that the other way.

But I want to keep you in.


Um, Phyllis was the last surviving sister, but she passed at the tail end of 2020. Um they were one of the most popular groups in the 50s and the 60s, they also sang.

May You Always, this is the song Bernice Forgets She Loves in that episode, which was also another really funny part.

Uh It was released in 1959 and it peaked at number 11 on the bill.

Hot 100.

Can I interrupt you for just a second?

The other thing I really struggled with in this episode and I just could not find it.

There was the first time we ever met Bernice in season one, the episode with the mom Perkey Perky.

Thank you.

Um, and I swear to you, I thought Bernice talked about her favorite song and I went, well, I went back and looked at the script and she didn't and it is driving me crazy that maybe I'm thinking of the wrong episode.

But I really, what I wanted to do was crosswalk.

What she said previously was her favorite song with this one and make sure it tracked still because that's what I do.

But you don't think it would track with Bernice, right?

I don't know.

She doesn't remember her favorite song from the beginning to the end of the, I guess that's true.

If I was writing this, I would have written it to be a different song.

It would have been a different song anyway.

Well, it doesn't matter because I couldn't find it.

And you don't remember it either.

Gosh, I sure don't.


But if someone out there remember, please tell me it drove me crazy on this episode, I wouldn't be surprised though.

It does feel like maybe it's an episode where she gets married.


We can, we can't do it live, um, or Ken, hang on guys.

We're going to dig into this.

I'm just kidding.

So, you know, sometimes we'll like, go back and we're like, ok, but why, why are we talking about the mcguire sisters right now?

Um You probably read this but they started touring again in the mid eighties and they released the Greatest Hits album in 1989.

So I could see L BT being a Maguire Sisters fan and just kind of working it in because she loved World War Two and they were in that similar ilk of the, um, the Anderson and Anderson's not right.

Other sisters who are like the pointer sisters.


Uh, yeah, that's the other ones we learned about before.

So many sister singing groups.

Um You'll find it.

Uh, Nikki's going on a mission.

Everybody else listen up.

So go on a mission.

Um I think I know what article you're talking about.

Uh, the Fair feature article from June of 1989 also came out, it's called High Roller, the Phyllis Maguire story and, and Good job.

Do you know?

Is that the article?

That sounds familiar?


So I, I had a couple of things I almost did in a Salina sidebar on this lady because she's so interesting.

I just pushed the button.

Um, just like half of it.

Um, I boiled it down to just two points.

Then it was very hard.

They're long points, but they're all right.

So, her biggest claim to fame besides music is actually her relationship with Chicago mob boss, Sam G and Cona, which wound up landing a serious blow to her reputation when the public found out about them being together in the, in 65.

So he has his own fascinating backstory with connections to the Kennedys, the CIA and Fidel Castro.

He was also murdered in 1975.

Just a really interesting story there.

Um I'll let it go.

I was sitting here thinking that, uh that is right up your alley.

All the mobster stuff too.

I didn't, I didn't even process that when I read about that.

I mean, I was flipping out about all of this and I, I am familiar with him.

I didn't know about his connection to her.

So I got to tell you a little bit more about her mansion in Vegas, at least a couple of things.


So it's equipped with a swan moat, a 40 ft rep replica of the Eiffel Tower rising through the roof.

Did you see the picture of that?


You know what?

I don't think I did.

She's like her, the leg of it is taller than her.

Like one of the four legs for the Eiffel Tower Nuts.

Um, she had a nightclub with a dance floor in the shape of a piano, two guest houses, five Gardens, a beauty salon and a staff of almost 30.

So we'll link to that article.

It's worth the read y'all.

She's a fascinating lady.

Um, yeah, I mean my mind was blown.

That's, I'm sorry, I do have one more thing.

I had three points, but this one's good because it's gonna come back to nostalgia for us, for you and me and, and maybe I don't think I knew these songs like I went back and I tried to listen to some of their stuff, but I do kind of and you definitely do too.

The difference is, is we know it this way.

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time when pizzas on a bagel you can eat pizza any time bagel bites.

So that was based on their song.

Sugar time.

Shut up.

When I read that.

I have to tell you, I felt like such a vap of millennial for not knowing that.

Oh, well, you know, sometimes you're just a vap of millennial.

It's not Z they don't even know what bagel bites are.

Are my kids sing the bagel bite song?

Because it's so darn catchy.

I had no idea.

It was based on that.

So, aren't you glad?

I'm very glad I, I, I'm sorry.

But everybody needed to know you're making my life better.

One bagel bite at a time.

I just assume there's not a big crossover.

I bet you a lot of people of a certain age know about sugar time and I bet you a lot of people of a certain age know about bagel time, but I don't think a lot of people know about both of them.

We all have so much more in common than we give ourselves credit for.

I want to bring the generations together.

I want to hear a mash up of sugar time and bagel bite time, anything could happen.

Um So hold on.

You said you don't have any other ones?


So Mary Jo said, no, I just feel bad is what it is.

So Mary Jo says, Bernice always looks like she stepped right out of a band box.

I looked at, I looked it up and actually that's come up recently because I told you I've been reading little women.

It was in that too.

And so I had no, I had to look it up again and so I put it in my notes and then I just felt like a bridge too far.

So I pulled it out and then here's the coming in from the left Mickey cut Salina adds Yang.

It just means your neat spruced spotless.

Um but it refers to the little square linen tippet worn around the neck by ministers.

The band box was a box in which clergymen kept their vestments which were invariably spotless and neatly pressed.

There's something you didn't need to know.

I got one that I do want to revisit for an extra sugar at some point and I already added it to the list.

That's why I'm saying if you want to talk about Dr Ruth, you gotta stick it on the evergreen list.

So don't forget Bobby Gentry is mine.

They mention her and two of her songs, Ode to Billie Joe in Mississippi Delta.

She's from the South and a retired American singer songwriter and one of the first female artists in America to compose and produce her own material.

What I think we can totally share here because I do want to save the rest of the things that I learned about her for extra sugar.

But I think we can totally share the ode to Billie Joe is what made her famous.

And part of that is because there is some mystery to the lyrics that Gentry has never revealed and you know how that peaks anyone's interest to lyrics that are never revealed by the artist.

I know you do.

So when we had a whole conversation because this does bridge back to episode six.

This is last episode where Mary Jo has a funny line about filling out paperwork for her gynecologist asking when she first experienced the onset of Menzies and she jokes.

Oh, yeah, it was the third of June, another sleepy dusty Delta Dawn or Delta Day.

I thought she was just being really poetic.

It's from this song.

Oh, well, good ode to Billie Joe is where this comes from.

And so I just thought that was a nice connector and it's, it's almost like L BT and, or Pam Norris are really smart.

Yeah, I can.

Well, actually I'm not, obviously they're really smart.


So I'm not questioning that, but I do, but I do.

Actually that is something I was wondering, are they putting these little nuggets in there or are these nuggets just naturally happening as they go along or probably both?

But I don't know anyways just something there.

Um So I'll stop there.

I, I do have a reference but you know what, Nikki, no one ever gets to know about it that gonna leave.

I'm gonna leave a mystery.

I can't handle that.

I can't handle that.

You're gonna have to, I can't, maybe I'll tell you after Easter eggs and whatnot.


So fine.

She's gonna keep it a mystery.

Sorry guys.

Uh Next episode season four, episode eight, Julia gets her head stuck in a fence.

We'd love everyone to follow along with us and engage Instagram and Facebook at Sweet Tea and TV tiktok at Sweet Tea TV pod.

Our email address is Sweet Tea TV pod at Gmail dot com.

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If you'd like.

Um without going to the website, you can tell your family and friends about us.

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But if you go to the website, there are more options for supporting us from the Support Us page.

So come back Thursday for extra.

Yes, we could tell our patreons what the secret was.

I was going to make a joke about that.

And I was like, is that all the things that you won't say?

I'll say really all of it now, I really, yeah, my brain's going a million miles a minute and the secret password is, that's what I was thinking of.

Is it?

Um, the cable guy where he says, and the secret password is, what a, what a loss come back Thursday for extra sugar.

We're going to talk about, um, one of designing women's like we've heard these people referenced several times throughout the iteration of this show.

It's Jim Baker as well as his wife, Tammy Fey.

And if those names don't ring a bell, you're just gonna have to keeping the mystery alive.

You're just going to have to come back Thursday and find out.

I can't wait to hear this segment.

It's a doozy.

It's, it's, that was a, that was a tangled web to un weave.

I'm very excited.

Well, you know what that means?

What does it mean?


It means we'll see around the bend.


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