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Designing Women S4 E8 - The Bannister Buffs of Atlanta

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

You know what they say: "Well-behaved women rarely make history!" With a little prodding, our Julia made history this week when she became the first person to stick her head through a (not-quite-so-real) bannister in the most famous house in Georgia. And she did it all for the ‘gram! At least, the old point-and-shoot-and-take-to-Rite-Aid-to-print-it-out-5-to-7-business-days-later version.

And come back later this week for “Extra Sugar.” You didn’t think we were going to sleep on that massive Georgia Governor’s Mansion reference, did you? NO WAY! We’ve got a whole “Grits Blitz” in store for ya!

Come on, let’s get into it!



Hey Nikki.

Hey, Salina.

Hey, everybody.

Welcome to Sweet Tea and TV.

Hey, y'all.

I didn't do that last time.

Oh, sorry.

Welcome to the last episode.

End this up.

You're always welcome here.

That's the bottom line.

Uh So, you know, I like to ease into the episode.

Ease and smooth, very smooth.

I was gonna ask you just like, so before we do that, is there just like one thing you're enjoying right now?

Something I should check out maybe?

Oh oh, it doesn't have to be something like I don't have, I don't have to check it out and maybe I won't enjoy it.

You're like gardening.

I'm like, I'm out.

Oh my God, that's what I was going to say.

That's what I was gonna say.

I'm like, no, you can check it out, come to my yard and see it.

I would love to see your yard.

We're experiencing like that um false Spring where you really feel like it's wonderful.

Um And like next week it's gonna, we're gonna have a snowstorm.


But we've been having really nice weather and my flowers are starting to come up.

I plant a lot of perennial bulbs so that they'll come back year after year and I don't have to keep planting new ones.

That's what someone did here.


I noticed that when I pulled up today two looks are coming up.

They're beautiful.

Mine, I have not had lots of success with, um, like, uh, they're not tulips anyway.

I have some, like perennials.

I planted, they just, nothing came of them but I planted some others that are starting to come up and my blueberry bush, I lost a blueberry bush last year and the birds, the birds ate all my blueberries.

So I never had any, like the little, I netted it but it didn't work.

And so I planted a new blueberry bush last weekend to, because you have to have two of them.

So they'll cross pollinate my trees.

I have two apple trees that I planted a couple of years ago.

I lost one.

So I had to replace that one last year.

They are growing really nicely.

So it's just been really fun to see what's coming up and reminding myself that it's not going to be winter forever.

Yeah, that's nice.

That's nice.

I actually am very excited because, um, I, I want to go back to Gibbs Garden for the spring because it's just all those tulips are pretty, like, it doesn't look real.

So, and it has like, the smell, like, it just smells like spring and it feels nice because I'm not like, I don't it would feel weird if I'm just like the garden.


I just, I can't get into it.

It's hard, too much forced gardening when I was little.

It's, it's hard work and it can be a little frustrating.

I, I'm frustrated all the time so I don't really need to add to that.

So, this year for Valentine's Day instead of flowers, Kyle got each one of us a plant which I thought was such a great idea.

So he got land in an azalea and I put that out in the garden.

Um, and he got me a rose bush that didn't have any buds on it yet.

I planted it in the garden and the next day I walked out and I was like, it looks so much more anemic than it did even just yesterday when I put it out here and I pulled it up on our, our doorbell.

You know, we have the camera on our doorbell and something at six AMI couldn't see what it was, either a bunny or a squirrel just like went up and ate the leaves off of it.

And so now it's just these like sticks sticking out of the ground.

So I had to net that too to try to keep him away till it can bud.

Um, and then he bought Carolina some tulips and, but they're in like a hydroponic vase.

So when they die off, you can plant the bulbs in your garden.

I've got this from my mom before.

They're super cool.

And then I told you when I got to your house today that I had my white, white moment at Costco and they had fiddle leaf fig real plants uh for sale.

So mine has never had those before.

So I grabbed it real quick this week.

So I have a new fiddle leaf fig inside my house.

You're living the dream.

I've just had so much going on flowers while I see.

Um Well, so one thing that I'm enjoying right now is I don't or I did actually because I finished it, but I did really enjoy.

It was selling Sunset on Netflix.

Have you watched?

I think I watched an episode of it.

It felt like Quicksand to me, like the Kardashians.

I went, I went all the way.

I went all the way in.

I don't know, I found it.

Um So OK, let me back up, let me back up if you don't know what selling Sunset is like because I saw little clips on it.

You know, this stuff will come up when you just turn Netflix on and like, um I think it really started populating a lot for mine after I watched Bling Empire, I was like, you're that kind of view, right?

And I was so I was hesitant because when I had come up before I was like, what is this?

You know, and now I'm like, oh, what is ever since like below deck and Bling Empire, you should just take their recommendations and not judge it, just take it and see how you like it.

It's fine.

Um, you know what, because I've just sort of been in this state and I thought maybe this is, might be what you identify with.

I just can't, right now, I just can't really handle anything serious.

Um, although I am simultaneously watching something serious, I won't talk about that now, but I'll just say like it's been a little tough because I just need to kind of be in the surface level.

Um And what I will say is that, oh, oh, this is about the real estate agent in L A.

So and these real estate agents and I'm like, sure.

Um because they're uh oh I mean, I mean, not that you can't do this.

It's just like they don't look like Georgia real estate agents, let's just put it that way, you know, just uh very perfectly quaffed.

And um there's a lot of cleavage.

You sound like L BT railing on the Beverly Hills couple in the last episode to me because when I saw that episode or went back and was reviewing my notes because I also had something about Mary Jo's take and knowing that's obviously L BT s take on the Beverly Hills crowd, I immediately thought of selling something.

It all came.

Those are real people.

I'm not like whatever.

Like I, I think I'm just saying it's just a different life that many breasts in real estate in Georgia.

That's saying.

You know what I think is you're probably just not looking at the right price range.

Oh, maybe.

I mean, I think, let me be very clear.

If you want your, I'm, if you want your whole boob out, that's your business.

I'm not like it's whatever.

I'm just saying, I'm like, it doesn't look like my real estate agent, which happened to also be the last time my sister-in-law.

So I'm glad because that would have been very awkward for me thinking about our middle aged male real estate agent.

There's still time, you know what?

He can free that nickel if he wants to if you want.

Um But I just wanted to say that like the thing that's actually uh I I I do get tied up in the drama but it's these houses.

Um and this is actually not selling sunset.

It's selling O C because like I really threw, I flew through, flew through him, Nikki.

But look so one house's primary bedroom had a brown bed that turned under a retractable roof so that no matter what you could get the perfect view that you wanted of the um the beach around you and out into the night sky and then to exit the bedroom, it was a circular staircase.

You love a circular staircase with a glass floor underneath it.

So you can also see, I dropped my phone a lot, crashing on the beach.

Yeah, I know.

I would, I come downstairs like, 17 things in my hands and I always drop my phone.


Well, I think they're coming with the price point on this house.

I'm assuming they're coming down with a butler behind them.

That's true.

Um, but yeah, just, I mean, absolutely mind blowing.

But also, like, the prices are mind blowing too because someone bought a flip like pre flip to flip it for 2.7 million.

Like it's just a whole different universe out there.

That's what I'm saying from the way people look to the way they dress to like I'm just a like, I don't know if I'm saying a uh a slur.

Oh no, no, like a uh not a slur like a um uh just something in Yiddish that I don't actually know what it means.

I'm I'm saying something like what some word for penis accidentally.

What I'm trying to say, I'm just a real dong.

No, but like I just feel like I'm always, I'm just like, look at me, it just makes you wonder like between this show that you're talking about and then you mentioned the celebrity couples, um not celebrity couples, very wealthy couples and there's divorces like, why do we have so much poverty in the world?


Yeah, I know.

It's so weird.

Um So I can't right now I'm gonna continue watching the show.

I cannot think I'm done.

I'm done.

But speaking of fancy houses.

Should we get into this?

That's a nice transition.

Uh So this week's episode is designing women's season four.

Episode eight, Julia gets her head stuck in a fence.

Sugar Bakers is hired to decorate the governor's mansion for the annual ball.

But Julia's head getting stuck in an antique banister is one, they didn't plan on air date.

November 20th, 1989.

I wasn't prepared for that.

I, I'm like, what did you just say she was?

That was, she was a knick knack they weren't expecting.

Um We're calling this one the Banister buffs of Atlanta.

It was written by Pam Norris and directed by David Trainor.

We've got two pieces of show trivia.

This go round the staircase in the rotunda of the Governor's mansion.

Um In the show is the set that's normally used for Suzanne's mansion.

And in reality, unlike what's stated in the episode, there's no such thing as the Abbott Banister in Georgia's Governor's mansion and you can tuck that one in the back of your brain because we're going to cover the Georgia Governor's mansion this Thursday in Extra Sugar.

What are we thinking generally about this episode?

Salina and stray-ly.

Well, my first general reaction to your show trivia, even though I put that there is that my whole life, I thought it was so that thing one and I probably could have just kept that to myself you know, you know, my favorite thing, my favorite thing is hearing words that people have struggled with.

So Kyle used to think that's my husband, Kyle.

Kyle Ma, he used to think the word chaos was chaos.


He like added letters.

And the first time I read Harry Potter, I thought her name was Hermione.

And I played, I played this game, this computer game growing up.

Um, when I was really young it was like a really early computer game and there was a character in there named Penelope.

I thought her name was Penal Loop.

Wouldn't that be an unfortunate name?


It sounds like something stuck on your lip or something.

Oh, no, thinking stuck further down your body.

But yes, not my penal.

Um Yeah, I love hearing those stories.

So thank you for owning up to that.

We all have them.

No one's perfect and words are hard.

The English language is really hard.

It is even for English speakers.

But my kids as they're learning to read and pronounce words.

They, you know, they have questions and I'm like, I don't know, man, I just, all I can tell you is that's how it's pronounced.

It's just how, that's just where we landed, someone landed, not someone.

Sometimes it's just a real rotund.

So my first reaction was actually excitement because I actually, I really had a very firm memory of watching this one.

Oh, really?

And um, I like, and I like from a young age, not just on a rewatch, you know, 10 or so years ago I remember loving it.

And I think maybe why in retrospect it's probably for a little kid, maybe the most relatable plot line, you know, and it's a lot of physical humor and, you know, that'll really get you when you're young and 37 today, maybe today, but definitely would get me when I was a little kid for sure.

So that was my first one.

And then I'll just also say that I the film related is I like this one because I think with a few technological and fashion exceptions, you could pick up this plot line and drop it into a new show too.

Oh, that's a good point.

Yeah, for sure.

Yeah, there was nothing dated about this.

A lot of my reactions for this one are stray.

Uh I do have one general reaction and it's kind of relevant to something I brought up in the last episode.

I am genuinely confused about Suzanne's social status at this point.

So she wasn't invited to the Governor's Ball, but she took that really major and majorly expensive trip with what seemed to be maybe some VIP type people.

So I really can't tell if she's in the in crowd or in exile.

And that was my general reaction.

And then I was like, there's something I'm missing in the script like they have to explain why she wasn't invited, I went back to the script and I watched the episode again, I couldn't find anything.

So you correct me if I'm wrong.

But I did go to designing women online dot net, I think.

Um And in their post about this episode, they say Julia implied or said at some point that it's something Suzanne did the year before that got her uninvited.

But again, I watched the episode, I read the script and I don't see anything about that.

Um So the same post says much of the conversation between Suzanne and Anthony regarding the ball is cut out of this episode as it airs in syndication.

So, is it possible my dear friend Salina, we are watching an edit, edited version of this episode.

Oh, weird.

So like Hulu is cutting crap, syndications, cutting crap.

I don't know.

So I have no idea what Suzanne did.

But if I could find that information, it might fill that plot hole for me.

That is just going to drive me crazy.

I just need to know.

Is Suzanne in or out?

I wonder if it was just something that's so dusty at this point that they just, they rifted from the universe because it could it have been something so bad.

I don't know.

I don't know.

A lot of black face a couple of episodes ago moving on.

Um The rest of mine are all stray so I'll tune back in when you're ready to go.


Well, I only have one more, which is really just a question for you because I know Julia's character doesn't always really resonate with you.

Although I'm not entirely sure why Suzanne's does.

But, um, she's ridiculous because you, it's not like you're like similar, you know.

Um, but did it a little bit more in this episode and let me, I'm going to go on for a second before you answer me for once in your life.

You do something spontaneous and then gosh, darn it.

All I was gonna do was the slide on the cruise ship that goes off the side of the ship and I fall off.

That is so funny.

I did not think about that, but you are probably 100% right.

You probably are more like, I don't think that you're like Julia, but Julia is like a really responsible gal.

She's straight and narrow and I think I just thought that maybe that might resonate with you.

That's a really good point.

I, I said recently there's someone in my life that, um, every time I talk to them, like, I think of myself, did you ask me at the top steps?

You're enjoying it.

And I'm like, gardening, gardening is lovely.

And I have this person in my life that when I talk to them, they make me feel like the most Zany wacky Bernice type character in the world.

And oh, how I do what?

We're not going to go there.

But it is really funny.

Like I am, I'm really straight and narrow.

So you're right.

It would be my luck that the, the second I decide to stray from the path, I just get stuck in a fence and it's going to be something stupid too.

Like I've told you before, my way of rebelling is like, taking a slightly different road home because I just want to see what it looks like.

I would take that slightly different road home and end up with a flat tire.

That's hard.

It's hard.

So you got some stray boy?

Do I?

Uh the first one I wanted to mention is they tease Suzanne about laying across grand pianos at six.

Haven't we talked before about that being a Dixie Carter thing in real life laying across pianos.

Do you think they put that in there because of that?

I don't know.

I'm not sure.

I thought you would have an answer.

I would love to have one.

I, I wouldn't be surprised for them to sneak something like that in.

I would love to lay across a piano.

Sounds great.

Um In that same bit where they were talking about all that.

There was some script cut about Julia not being spontaneous.

Um They do sort of still in the, in the episode allude to that, but there was something a little more on the nose that I think would have connected the script a little bit better.

It would have made it a little more clear why it was so crazy that she put her head through the thing.

Uh, I also wanted to mention that I do think they used a real stock photo of the Georgia Governor's mansion in the, still before they transitioned into the women decorating the banister.

That sounds really stupid that I would bring that up.

But in the season one, the pageant beauty pageant, they did like the outside of that hotel and we're like no hotel in Atlanta has ever looked like that.

Um, and so someone calls me and says that's the Marriott and whatever, whatever.

Um, but I always pay attention to those details because I just think they're fun and I really do think it was the Governor's mansion.

I looked up pictures.

I've been to the Governor's mansion.

I do not remember that level of detail, but I looked at pictures and I think it is.

Then the last stray thing that I wanted to share is that the actor that played Miss Betts.

Did you look her up to?

Uh, her name is Ann Hearn.

She was born in Griffin, Georgia.

Most importantly to me, she's married to Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day.

Oh, we don't know the head.

Oh, that's funny.

His real name is Steven Tobolowsky.

He's been in a lot of things.



I knew that she's married to him.

I knew you would.

So that's why I jumped in real quickly.

That's why I brought it up.

Um, so, ok, it's so funny because that is my first observation.

I remember that my gosh, I got to start listening to our old book years ago.

Um, the pandemic.


Um, so I also have her as a stray because I, I was wondering if the very last thing you were gonna say was my stray stray, which is I wanted to see if she was actually Southern or not, which led me to the Griffin part.

But to me, if I close my eyes and just listen to her talk, her southern accent to me sounds like and still magnolia.

Oh, that's so funny.

So I don't know if you can picture her talk.

Ok, if you can hear her talking now or hear this, I think that's a really good point.

Yeah, there's just something about the almost like the, the diction, the rhythm of it just the whole thing.

I was like, I ended up looking her up for the same reason to see if she was Southern because her accent felt really real to me.

She almost felt like somebody they just went and picked up off the street and played up.

But yes, so um I thought, I thought that was really good.

I also was um I said I called her the and I do mean this with all the affection and self-awareness possible.

The neurotic woman who manages the governor's mansion.

I I know.

And I, I do.

So it's, it's ok.

So we got to have them, gotta have somebody to keep those banisters.

And we're the ones that keep things moving and it's true.

But also related to Amy, like, she gets all bent out of shape when they're using pens to decorate the banister.

Like, why not tell them that in the first place.

Like the rule is really important.

Here's some rules.

It would have been as funny.

Don't tinker with it, Mary Jo couldn't have said this is what Casey says to me, Salina.

If this was to happen, there would not be a show, a movie, blah, blah, blah.

But we have to talk about it.

We got to talk about the realism.

Uh Did you have other strays the name of the episode?

Why is it fence?

Glad you asked that question?

I felt like maybe that would be a little too, but I don't think.

Well, you know, and I don't have a very good gauge for what's to look into it and you couldn't figure it out.

She says a thing.

Well, you know, she says like, and you're um, Amy says something about you have your head stuck in a fence.


I don't know why she says that really?

So it's weird, right?


Well, we don't solve it if anybody knows why.

And she never said that the banister, she said it was the surviving carpentry or whatever.

She never says like, it was originally a fence or anything which would be super weird.



I don't know.

I mean, I, I, I'm gonna say it is until someone tells me differently.

Um, and everybody is gonna be a fan has always been a fan.

I don't know.

So I don't, I've never heard anything of the such of the, like, speaking of like, would you like this episode, Nikki?

Oh, man, some of the script writing and this one was just really, really sharp.

Um So like when Suzanne tells Charlene to find out who the mailman is and Charlene says, I know who our mailman is.

His name is Charles Ferguson.

He's 60 years old.

He has arthritis real bad.

Has about 12 grandchildren and it is very sweet.

I think that's so great because I would never assume Charlene doesn't know the mailman.

And I'm really glad they didn't assume she didn't know the man.

Of course she does.

It also sounds like you.

I was small talking with someone recently and I had that thought I had that.

I learned like an alarming amount of information about them.

Oh, Costco man, I was just trying to look at some plants and this woman ended up giving me gardening tips for like 20 minutes.

Kyle was like, were you only to do with her Kyle?

Was like, were you really done with plants or were you just done with that situation?

And I was like, I just felt like I didn't have the working knowledge of planting to have that conversation any further.

You can only play ignorant for so long.

Do you know, like some of the things she was saying?

I kind of knew, but also it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what you're saying is, that's Edna.

She's 68.

She has three grandchildren.

Been Gardening 35 years. Absolutes.

She's a master gardener.

Um, she's taking classes down at the local something.

She's in the gardening club.

Her favorite hat, striped and Edna.

If you're listening, you were a darn delight.

It's not you.

It's me.

Um And to that, to Charlene's comments, Suzanne answered.

If he stole my invitation to the governor's mansion, he's gonna think arthritis, I'm going to crush his little knuckle.

So I'll never deliver another letter.

I just loved that.

That is very darling.

But it was very funny.

Um, I also really loved Anthony Soli on the stairs and this evening in the governor's mansion of the great state of Georgia.

I'm finally gonna be recognized for my struggle.

And who would have thought after that long hard uphill climb when I finally reached the top of the staircase, Julia would be here with her head stuck in it.

I just thought all of that was brilliant and just every line it felt like kept me laughing.

Yeah, I had two that really stood out for me.

I think everything once her head is stuck is pretty good.

Um So at one point everyone is there including Anthony and heat, they're like trying to get her out and he's pulling on her legs.

Suzanne is trying to push her face back through and it's just all like, I think that would be really hard to do to act it out and it not hurt somebody.


And it all came across pretty natural.

So I just thought it was a really good job all around there.

But the best part was them dressing Julia behind a sheet and then Julia finally losing it.

When Suzanne said she's worried her panty hose are too dark for her dress whilst laid out on the staircase is just all too much.

And then Julia just flipping out.

I laughed out loud so hard when they dropped the sheet and she's laid on her back just like, oh my God.

I laughed so hard.

I don't remember.

Although I've forgotten many things.

I don't remember laughing that hard at this show in a long time.

I laughed very hard at that.

It was really good.

And then I like when Suzanne stands up for Julia, I always like the sisterly stuff.

Um, and the only child in you, it must be, it must be.

But also I think it's like, it's just nice because like at the end of the day, this idea that, like, they pick at each other, but they're, they're family.

They picking on my sister and I like that.

I like it.

It's also worth saying that Mary Jo looked amazing in her ball gown, in my opinion.

She looks really beautiful again.

I may have a picture but you've got my phone held hostage on the stand over here.

Mine too.

I keep looking for mine and I'm like, well, it's in a stand.

Trust me, she looked gorge.


Hey, Anie Pots.

Beautiful lady.

That was my last like, um, so let's talk about what we didn't like.

I got nothing.

I, so I think the biggest flaw is that it came right after Bernice's sanity hearing and that's just a hard act to follow.

Um, but two hilarious episodes in a row, this one would have been a good one to Sprinkle in later in the season for a little, yeah, a little perky if you will.

And I think that happened last season too where I was like, we got to episode five and I was like, are we in a flawless season?

Episode 6?

Nope season?

Well, I don't know about all.

Uh, but it definitely like it, like you just had these really strong contenders and then definitely we had some filler episodes wa wa uh how, you know, 22, it's just too many and then whatever this, how many episodes is this season?

28, I think.

Yeah, it's a lot.

What's happening.

You want to read the sucker?

I do.

I'm ready.

My rating scale is decorators dummies.

That's what Mary Jo says.

Julia is under the sheet.

Uh, I gave it, I gave it a five out of a 52 in a row, two in a row two in a row.

There you go.

You want to say, ok, I don't want to cut you off it.

I gave it four out of five perfectly matched panty hose.

It was just perfect sitcom hijinks.

Not only someone getting their head stuck in a banister, but it being Julia of all people who not only as we've already discussed as like someone who just these things don't happen to, but she's also a very proud person.

Uh, then the governor falling through the imperfectly attached piece at the end is pretty like that is just so eighties to me, eighties and nineties.

Really, I should have mentioned in my strays.

I'm sorry not to interrupt you.

I think I meant to mention this.

Um, the way they cut the banister was so like random and unnecessary.

They like, cut like a whole segment out of it when really all they would have needed to do is cut like one spindle again to Casey's point.

I know they did it for like the physicality of it and the humor of it, but that's, that's a hard plot hole to look past.

Like why did you cut half of it off?

It was just like one spindle that was in the way tough.

Um, I, so I, but it that actually happening I think is it's what I want from that era of sitcom and I also think I did a nice job making a meal out of something really small.

That's true.

Um And, and not in a way where I felt like um claustrophobic.

That's a really good point.


Um, 80s or other dated references.

I have two eighties things that disposable looking camera they were using to take pictures.

Uh And Charlene offered Julia a Sony Walkman on the steps to keep her company.

That whole thing was funny too.

Just all of it.

She's just trying so hard to be nice, like trying to help here.

Um And she offered her a Coke at the same time, but that was in my Southern references.


So I think blaming a postal worker for not getting an invitation that that's I'm not saying that it's just less likely to get invitations through the mail.


Um I know that you feel very strongly about and I don't, I don't blame you.

I, I I get it.

That's something that's very nice.

Um dusty rose carpet on the Sugar Baker stairs.

I had not spotted that before or I spotted it, set it here, forgot, but it was really stand out for me on the stairs at Sugar Bakers.

Oh um and it's a dusty rose color that is very of the era and was in my grandparents' house.

I think it's actually that dusty rose color is coming back.

It's very big in style right now.

I don't know about cars.


In Decor?


But it is a beautiful color.

It's beautiful.

Just a weird carpet.

Yeah, I, I think, but I also think like colored carpet is weird to me and it's that dusty rose with like that really pretty green, almost minty looking color.

So that's what my grandmother had.

The mint green in carpet.

She remodeled a bedroom at her house and put mint green carpet in.

There was the time.

Um, so, uh, just a lot of landline calls I think were going on in this one.

Um, lots of focus on pantyhose more focus than we usually get today.

And then Mary Jo tells Miss Betts.

Um, don't worry, be happy and ok, this is like a little bit of a deep cut, but she's referencing the Bobby mcferrin song that came out the year before in 88 it won the Grammy for song of the year.

And the reason I thought about that is because it was like the way she said it, I knew she had to be referring to that song and that song is such an ear worm that I just figured it had somehow it had to have been like timed with the actual release of that song.

Um You already covered coca-cola with Southern things.

What else you got?

Uh Suzanne and Julia had a picture of themselves on vacation in the Smoky Mountains as little girls.

I feel like we all have one of those who grew up in the south.

Uh We got another mottle reference which we've talked about before.

Uh Rogers Theater in Popular Bluff.

That's where Charlene was a chart.

It's a real place.

It was built in 1949 Sherman, burning down Atlanta and Robert E Lee, who Suzanne says was their grandpa's roommate in college.

Great grandpa.

It must have been their great grandpa.

No, I think, I think, I hope so.

Oh Lord.

Well, we always say, or I'm always saying how old is Julie?

No, like how old was Robert E Lee?

Hold on a second.

My had to be like a, a descendants roommate in college.

Oh man.

Oh my, those are mine.


So I think my references we need to talk about might get a little mixed up.

So, excuse me, if I trip over myself for this, um Would you have for this?

You have?


So usually is I think with this one, Nikki's like, well, I struck that out because no one cared about it.

I'm like, well, here's my dissertation on a char woman.

Um But so they mentioned a char woman and I was like, what's that?

It's a woman employed to clean houses or offices.

Did you know what this was?

I just, oh, ok.

So this person comes out and cleans for a few hours as opposed to being a maid who usually lives as part of the household.

It sounds like it's more of a British term.

I just have to tell you, I don't like that term at all.

I think it's terrible.

Um, so, uh, so I wouldn't want to be called the char woman.

That's what I'm saying.

It doesn't sound good.

I am at my mental leap for assuming it was someone who cleans probably was contextual but also like I'm thinking like, so on a, um, fireplace just cleaning it up.

Like a, yeah.



Fireplace guy sweeper.


A chimney sweep.

Thank you.


Yeah, this does.

It also sweep the inside of the, I don't know.

I don't, I don't know.

Maybe Dick Van diagnosed.

I don't know.

Um, so thank you.

Thank you for that laughter.

I was processing.

He was in the news this week.

Oh, was he?


Oh, because he was on the masked singer and he was unmasked and then the story morphed into, he's married to a much younger woman who's like, oh, yeah, 64.

Uh, I, I didn't think she was that old.

I thought she was like, 30.

I remember hearing the age difference and being like, oh, that's a, that's a big, and I probably ought to fact check myself.

But I thought the way they were talking about it, I thought it was a huge age difference and I was like, she's like, in her 60.

I know.

But he's like, 182.

It's 100 year difference.

Even if she's 60.

Um, they were born in eight generations apart.

It's taking a second longer to fact check than I thought it would.




Keep looking into that because you don't want to ignore this next part.

You mentioned Sherman.

And I just was, I, I have this in my references because I think Sherman is a really big, well, it's a really big Southern reference.

Go ahead.

Spell it.


She was 40 in 2012.

So she's like 50ish now.


So not near 60 and, but also not 30.

I mean, well, he was 86 then she was half his age anyway.

He's 110 now.

It's a beautiful love story.

That's what it is.

He said she's what keeps him young, which I thought was really nice.

I think that's probably true.

I love, well, I love Dick Van Dyke.

I mean, who doesn't?

Well, I loved him a little less when I remember when he got married to someone that young.

And yeah, she was in her 40s when they got married.

Like she's not a 19 year old.

She wasn't 19.

He didn't groom her.

I don't know.

It was just, it's too weird of an age split for me anyways, it's not my business and I shouldn't be judging.

Um, it was just a little tough one for me.

I love the Dick Van Dyke show.

That's all.

Um, so Sherman, I think is actually a really big, uh, reference.

Um, for those of us who were put through way too much civil war learning Georgia history, eight times Georgia history.

Um, but that's referring, referring to general William T Sherman.

He's a major general.

Well, he's not, now, he's dead.

He was, he his grandpa, he's like her uncle, major general of the Union Army army.

And, um, his march to the sea military campaign conducted through Georgia from November 15 to through December 21, 1864.

They followed a scorched earth policy, destroying not only military targets but also industry, infrastructure and civilian property.

This um disrupted the confederacy's economy and transportation networks and it played a big role in um their eventual surrender.

And I think this is really interesting in Georgia history, actually, allegedly, he did not burn Savannah because it was so beautiful, which is something that you will hear if you visit Savannah.

Um I think it probably had a lot to do with the strategic need for their port, but also it is an incredibly beautiful city.

So who is the Georgian, who was the Georgia governor in 1989 in real life?

I just got curious.

It's Joe Frank Harris, he was governor from 83 to 91.

Um I don't know, I don't remember that.

Um So I'm sure he's a great guy.

Uh, until somebody says he was a terrible man.

I don't know anything about it.

Um Suzanne says should have seen this coming last year when they honored that dog that was in the Burt Reynolds movie.

So I had a couple of thoughts here.

The first one was we're gonna start counting these Burt Old's references because I'm just, are we going to get like an actual evening shade reference at some point?

I'm curious.

Um and then I it this driving me crazy.

I couldn't find what movie they're talking about.

But in trying to look for that, I did not know that he voiced Charlie and all dogs go to Heaven, which was a seminal movie for me growing up.

Are you telling me you don't remember?

All dogs go to heaven?

No, I'm feeling like this came up recently here.

No, I mean, I don't think we discussed it.

I think it came up in my research.

Maybe sometimes it gets a little hard to remember.

And then you were like, here's something not to say.

And then I swooped in and said it for you.

That seems right.

Anyway, carry on all dogs.

Go to Heaven is a really, really sad movie.

It's really sad and also really good.

I loved that movie growing up.

It was also a big competitor with Disney.

Whoever did that.

I forget what the company's name was.


So that's all I got.

Oh, ok.

Well, there we go.


Brief now, now I'm stuck because I feel like maybe when you were going to do the segment on Deliverance, I ended up down a rabbit hole on him and then it started to make me feel like we did talk about it here.

Anyway, all dogs go to heaven and watch it and then cry.

Next episode season four, episode nine, Julia and Suzanne's big adventure.

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I didn't know where that was going.

You can just, you can just get on my Christmas card list.

So come back Thursday for extra sugar.

We're going to use this episode long Georgia Governor's mansion as an excuse to talk about the history of that mansion and Salina play a grit splits game about other notable governor's mansions.

Uh Oh, here's something I'll fail at.

You'll do great.

It's fun.

You know what that means?

What does it mean, Salina?

It means I'm about to do really bad on something and we'll see you around the bend.


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