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Episode 19: The One Where Charlene Dates Mary Jo's Dad

Updated: May 4, 2022

Uh-oh...on this week's "Designing Women", we find out two things: 1.) Mary Jo has a complicated relationship with her dad, and 2.) he has the hots for Charlene. On the upside, we also met the “best looking man left on Earth” and witness some of the most fantastic dance moves...ever?

Stick around for this week’s ‘Extra Sugar’ to see how Salina handles a rapid-fire game all about sororities -- and Nikki shares some memories along the way.

OH, and here's an article Salina found as a way to correct her mom's correction about Willard Scott. (He was, without debate, a longtime weather forecaster on the "Today" show and passed away since we recorded our episode. Here's a great tribute to him and his legacy from the New York Times.)

Come on, let’s get into it!

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