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Episodes 12 & 13: A Battle of the Exes, 400 Pairs of Pants, and a Jerry Lee Lewis Concert in Macon

This week, we're covering episodes 12 and 13, which debuted on the same night as a two-parter in 1987. This was Designing Women's grand re-entry to network TV, after it was unceremoniously put on hiatus.

As always, stick around for "Extra Sugar" where we break down the answers to everything Charlene was “wonderin' about”. But before all that, we’ve got big problems to solve: the “slacks king of the South '' is threatening to break every bone in Anthony’s body, Mary Jo and JD can’t seem to shake their exes, and Charlene has a health scare.

Spoiler alert: it all works out in the end because it’s the '80s, and you know what? We’re OK with that.

Dive deeper on your own time with these:

Come on, let's get into it!

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