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Special Episode - STEEL MAGNOLIAS!!!

Updated: May 12, 2023

Is Steel Magnolias a touchstone of our friendship? YES! Can we identify movie trivia you’ve never heard before? Probably not, but if you love this movie as much as we do: we promise it’ll be a good time.

Join us as we dive into thoughts on our most recent rewatch, favorite parts, memories, and some fun behind-the-scenes stuff. And, of course, there’s some Designing Women overlap! Why, at the end, you won’t know whether to scratch your butt or wind your watch.

As you can imagine, we had A LOT to say. Believe it or not, this version is the short version! Our Patreons got the extended version! If you want to join the club, check out our Patreon page!

Just remember: you know we love you more than our luggage!

Credit to all the wonderful resources we ran across that informed this one. They did the heavy lifting - we wouldn’t claim otherwise. And sharing those here if you want to dive deeper:

Come on y’all, let’s get into it!



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