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ST&TV Road Trip! Designing Women - 2020, The Big Split Play at the Horizon Theatre in Atlanta


We were so excited to visit Horizon Theatre, here in Atlanta, to see the Designing Women play, 2020: The Big Split! Let’s cover our special, Sweet Tea & TV field trip, complete with a delicious dinner at Wisteria!

The ladies may be navigating a modern world, but they’re doing it with the same wit, charm, and strength fans will remember and appreciate from the original run of the series.

Join us as we discuss our reactions, as well as how it compares to the virtual performance from TheatreSquared that we watched and reviewed over two episodes in season 2 of our show.

If you’re in the Atlanta area (or could be!), make a trip to the theater and immerse yourself in Sugarbakers all over again! Horizon is currently booking tickets through November 6, so don’t sleep on this unique opportunity to see our own Southern pop culture icons in their natural habitat.

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