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Gift Guide: 8 Gifts for the "Elder Millennial Looking for Christmas Nostalgia"

SANTA IS COMING! This year, make dreams come true for the "Elder Millennial Looking for Christmas Nostalgia" (niche, much?) in your life with "Sweet Tea & TV's" gift guide.

  1. Help them never forget what they shouldn’t ask Santa for with this cute, “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” Christmas ornament.

  2. For the ultimate Santa Clause fan (*ahem* Nikki), give them this IYKYK Santa Clause throwback...

  3. ...or this one.

  4. ‘Member when Kevin McCallister got TWO turtle doves at Duncan’s Toy Chest, well buy your bestie a set, give one to them, keep one for yourself, and stay friends forever.

  5. Alternatively, grab a set of battle plans...

  6. ...or a security t-shirt for your bestie, in case they have to fight off wet bandits (or sticky ones, for that matter!) this Christmas.

  7. Give ‘em something to sip the world’s best cup of coffee out of.

  8. Or remind everyone who’s the King of Christmas lights.

If you buy any of these for "that special someone", let us know! We'd love to hear about their reaction!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!



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