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Gift Guide: 8 Gifts for the "Designing Women" Fan in Your Life

SANTA IS COMING! This year, make dreams come true for the "Designing Women" fan in your life with "Sweet Tea & TV's" gift guide.

  1. For the ULTIMATE fan, a pair of customized "Designing Women" shoes.

  2. In preparation for all the family gatherings, grab a "Designing Women" trivia game - we've got two options to suggest!

  3. You could grab them a t-shirt AND a sweatshirt, so they can showcase their fan-ness come warm weather or cold.

  4. Consider getting them access to exclusive content from their favorite "Designing Women" podcast. May we suggest "Sweet Tea & TV"? 😉

  5. Remind them of their favorite designing women while they sip their morning (...and mid-morning...and late-morning...and lunchtime...and post-lunch...and mid-afternoon...and late-afternoon) cuppa with a coffee mug.

  6. A painting of Villa Marre (AKA the "Designing Women" house) might be just the perfect addition to their home decor.

  7. And if they're the "Designing Women" fan who knows EVERYTHING, we'd suggest this fan-authored, definitive guide to the show, which includes some behind-the-scenes peeks and little-known facts. (THIS is the book we referenced in the Patreon-exclusive "Extra Sugar" for our season 3 finale-finale.)

  8. And no one can be a true fan without the complete boxed set or a Hulu subscription to watch every episode in complete and total detail! (FYI - If you're a ST&TV-er, you already know that Hulu includes some cuts, so be sure to follow along with to catch all the cut lines.)

If you buy any of these for a fan in your life, let us know! We'd love to hear about their reaction!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!


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