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Designing Women S4E10 Re-Sugar – A Guide…to Dating Guides: Sheesh

Back in season 4, (E10, “Manhunt”), Suzanne helps Mary Jo “find a man” using an awful dating book. It led us down another Google hole: this time looking at dating advice over the years. We chatted about it and the scare tactics the media loves to lord over women every few years whether we need it or not. 

Here are some unintentional companion episodes:

  • S1E5, “1986 Called and It Wants Its Jokes Back” where we discussed the now infamous Newsweek article during the “Extra Sugar” 

  • S3E6, “A Virtual Smorgasbord of Women” where we talked about the history of dating

And our sources:

Come on y’all, let’s get into it! 


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