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Episode 10: The Curse of the Slumber Party

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

What does it take for Designing Women to acknowledge Suzanne’s relationship with Mary Jo’s ex-husband? One voodoo curse, a grown-up slumber party, and approximately nine rum balls. Plus, Salina gives us a sidebar, breaking up some Voodoo stereotypes (excuse us, Vodon).

As always, stick around for "Extra Sugar" - this week, we reminisce about our favorite sleepover memories.

And feel free to fact-check "Salina's Sidebar":

Come on, let's get into it!


Episode 10 Transcript
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Teresa Gregory
Teresa Gregory
Jul 25, 2021

Howard Hughes was an amazing person. He was at one time the wealthiest man alive. He built the "Spruce Goose," a wooden plane which he flew once. He started one of the most successful hospitals in Texas. His father developed a drill bit for oil rigs that is still used today. He was in three plane crashes that resulted in horrible burns and broken bones. He wouldn't allow others to fly experimental planes due to the risk. The worst crash was when he was avoiding an apartment complex and landed in trees. The injuries, along with his OCD/hypochondriac mother, are what caused him to have such extreme OCD and mental illness. He was in extreme pain due to the residua…

Jul 28, 2021
Replying to

THANK YOU for all of this. I really did end up at the very bottom of a rabbit hole researching him. Salina also reported your thoughts back in an upcoming episode (stay tuuuuuned!) and you said a mouthful when you said, "He lived 1,000 lives." Truly fascinating. Thanks for listening and sharing!! - Nikki

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