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Episode 8: Love and...Annulment?

Let's meet Julia’s boyfriend for the first time, who is played by actor and real-life husband, Hal Holbrook! In this episode, together, they take us on the 22-minute “will they, won’t they” roller coaster ride that no one - even them - wanted. We share our feelings about the onscreen pair and get a glimpse at the couple’s off-screen romance and marriage. Somewhere in between, Julia manages to tear through half a dozen dinner rolls and gets a parakeet, then later, Suzanne sends a telegram. Stop. (No really, stop it, that cannot be.)

In honor of Holbrook, who passed earlier this year, here is a series of photos celebrating his rich career and some lovely words about him from the creator of Designing Women (LBT!).

Some fun reads about engagement rings and proposal trends:

And, finally, 11 bizarre things you didn’t know about Imelda Marcos (joke’s on them--we didn’t know one thing about her before this episode).

Come on, let's get into it!

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