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Special Episode - ST&TV Takes on the 1991 Cult Classic: Soapdish

This is a special episode one year in the making: Soapdish. And with this 1991 cult classic under our belts, we will have rounded out the Robert Harling trifecta: Steel Magnolias, First Wives Club, and of course, Soapdish. 

Join us for Nikki’s first watch to see if she loved it or REALLY loved it. Clearly those are the only two options. Then it really gets the Sweet Tea & TV treatment – what we liked and didn’t, as well as movie trivia, and any Designing Women universe connections. 

You can find Soapdish streaming on MAX. You can also rent or buy it from Amazon, AppleTV, YouTube, GooglePlay, and Vudu. 

Good reads:

Come on y’all, let’s get into it! 


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