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Special Episode - ST&TV Tries on The Crown (Part II)

A few weeks back, we brought you part one of the series finale of Netflix’s  “The Crown”. Over the Christmas holiday, we both eagerly binged part two so we could wrap the journey up with you all early in the new year. And boy were these last few episodes a journey. From the early days of the dynamic duo of Will & Kate, to a royal existential crisis following the deaths of the Queen’s mother and sister, this series brought us a juicy chapter in royal history. 

Let’s talk reactions, reality, and ratings as we regroup on our thoughts on this season. 

Join us on our deep-dive with these references:

Come on y’all, let’s get into it! 

(OH! And P.S. This week, our Patreon friends are getting an exclusive "Extra Sugar" on the eccentricities of public access TV. Join us over there, if you want in on fun exclusives like that!)


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